Data Backup Challenges

Data Backup Challenges
Dell Online Backup & Restore

Automatic and Transparent Data Backup

Data is difficult to safeguard, especially when companies have a large numbers of mobile workers. Remote PCs are more likely to be lost or stolen, reduce IT managers’ compliance visibility, and render centralized control of backup policies difficult. In addition, data backup policies often rely on end users to manually back up their data – a process that can be unreliable, difficult to track, time-consuming, and nearly impossible for IT to control. A better solution is needed.

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Making sure end users consistently backup their data is very difficult
Depending on end users to back up and protect the data residing on their PCs can be a dubious policy for IT. Companies can issue all the directives they want, but ultimately, if an end user is not conscientious about backing up data, that data can get lost – drive failure, user error, loss/theft of PC, virus, etc. Dell Online Backup & Restore takes the data backup responsibility from the user and places it where it belongs – with IT. > More*

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Laptops, our most vulnerable PCs, have the least protection
Laptop PCs are more susceptible to data loss due to their mobility – they have greater chance of being dropped, or being lost or stolen. At the same time, these remote PCs are less likely to have their data backed up frequently due to the sporadic nature of their connections to the corporate network. The Dell Online Backup & Restore service is designed to protect the data residing on these remote PCs. > More*

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We do not have the resources to manage a comprehensive data backup solution
On-premise data backup solutions often require large up-front investments in hardware, software and deployment time. Servers, drives, tape backup equipment, etc., need to be purchased and configured and in many cases, third parties are engaged to store the backups at an off-site location. Dell Online Backup & Restore service can help eliminate these costs.
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