Dell Cloud Computing Solutions™

Dell Cloud Computing Solutions™


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Hyper-Efficiency at Hyper-Scale
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Cloud OptimizationDesigned to OrderProject ManagementCustom Services
From complete data center design and set-up to customized hardware, DCS provides solutions through experience and unique partnerships to meet specific needs.DCS approaches server and storage design from a rack perspective that allows customers to benefit from the density, energy efficiency and reduction of deployment complexity.DCS’ dedicated Project Management team coordinates the resources for each customer project. Take advantage of the latest technology sourced and managed with the supply chain mass of Dell.DCS provides customized end-to-end services to support the scale-out data center customer in a fully customizable service model that’s tailored to hyperscale environments.

The DCS Solution: An Integrated Approach to Cloud Computing

DCS Solution

Dell’s DCS understands our customer’s need for a scalable, designed-to-order solution with the lowest tangible total cost of ownership (TCO). Our custom solutions offer energy efficiency, expert service and create true business value by optimizing data center performance while minimizing cost.

Managing costs for an optimized TCO
Through close collaborating with your business, DCS develops, implements, and services leading-edge cloud computing solutions that meet current and future needs. Our customized solutions can optimize investments, lessen power consumption and minimize cost structure to minimize tangible TCO.

The DCS cost-saving model at a glance

1. Decrease Power Consumption – designing greater efficiency throughout the rack to optimize the balance between performance and efficiency.

2. Improve HVAC Efficiency – leveraging best practices in design and application of HVAC in the Data Center to achieve greater efficiency.

3. Lower Deployment & Management Overhead – by customizing the service and support model for DCS deployments, businesses incur expenses only as necessary.

4. Lower Network Infrastructure Cost – reducing the physical requirements and thus, the footprint of unnecessary networking equipment.

5. Eliminate “Feature Tax” – driving down the operating and acquisition costs of the hardware by eliminating components your application doesn’t require.


Holistic Optimization - Dell engineering has developed technologies that directly address many of the key pain points for customers including power, thermals and physical space optimization.
Dedicated Expertise - DCS employs dedicated experts in the field of data center architectures, thermal design and power efficiency engineering
Quality - utilizing Dell’s best practices, custom hardware designed by DCS is held to a high standard of quality and reliability, helping reduce overall long-term TCO.

Supply Chain
  • Cost Efficiencies - DCS provides cost efficient advantages through Dell’s one-of-a-kind partnerships.
  • Global Scale - a global supplier of technology, Dell DCS is well positioned to fulfill the requirements of customers in all regions.
  • Continuity of Supply - as one of the largest purchasers of server and storage components, Dell has developed a key competency in providing continuity of supply to its customers.
  • Lifecycle Management - working closely with our suppliers, Dell is a respected authority on component/product roadmaps and development lifecycles.
Global Operations
  • Global Account Capabilities – Dell provides global customers established capabilities to run and support their business
  • Logistics – operational excellence is part of Dell’s DNA and is a key benefit for customers seeking to manage the complexities of globalization.
  • Product Support – Dell helps customers mitigate the cost of support by providing world-class customized support on a global scale.
Industry-vertical expertise
DCS solution account managers offer their expertise in specific cloud computing environments such as Internet, finance, oil & gas exploration, National Laboratory HPCC and gaming.