Server Consolidation

Server Consolidation


Server Consolidation



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Types of Server Consolidation

There are 3 primary types of Server Consolidation. Dell has the hardware, software and services to help you successfully plan, implement and maintain all.

Dell Solutions - Server Consolidation Types
Dell is the Smart Choice for Server Consolidation

There are a lot of options for your server consolidation projects. Only Dell combines the right technologies and capabilities into a Server Consolidation solution designed to perform and simplify your IT environment. Dell provides:

Technology and Platform Breadth
  • Broad range of servers with rack, tower and blade configurations.
  • Performance choices from 1 socket to 4 socket; single-core, dual-core, quad-core.
  • Servers integrated with rack and storage solutions.
Industry-Leading Commonality
  • Behavioral specification for server design commonality.
  • Common components across mainstream servers.
  • Common system image across mainstream servers.
Energy Leadership
  • First to introduce Energy Smart – power optimized servers.
  • Outstanding performance per watt.
  • Power and Thermal engineering and test labs.
Systems Management Leadership
  • Server change management integrated with common tools.
  • Comprehensive suite for deployment, change management & monitoring.
  • Connections to all leading enterprise management suites.
  • A leading remote access solution - DRAC*
Virtualization Focus
  • Key focus and strategic area for Dell - A leader in VMware sales.
  • Developing virtualization-optimized server.
  • Ideal platforms for virtualization - 2 socket / quad-core servers
Ease of Deployment
  • Built to order - Tested and burned in.
  • Maintain and manage images.
  • Delivered in 1-2 boxes – ready to run.

Consolidation Calculator

Dell Solutions - Server Consolidation Calculator
See how much you can save!

Analyst Views

According to IDC
  • Average server utilization is less than 10%.
  • 50¢ is spent to power & cool servers for every $1 in server spending today; this will increase to 70¢ by 2010.
  • Constructing a new data center costs approximately $1,000 per square foot. This is $40,000 per rack or $2,400 for a typical server.
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