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The verdict is in: Dell and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 save money for Boone Smith
A team of Dell PowerEdge servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 helps an established law firm leverage the high-performance features of new applications, strengthen security, and simplify network management

July 2003

Many businesses are familiar with the warning signs of an overburdened infrastructure: weak performance of applications across the board, slow Internet access despite a high-speed connection, and overwhelming administrative efforts and management costs. In many cases, the network has reached the end of its life cycle and no longer can handle the growing needs of the business. When this situation occurs, organizations can improve the overall performance, reliability, and management of an IT infrastructure by upgrading the network software, but the hardware on which the systems run also is an important consideration.

At the law firm of Boone, Smith, Davis, Hurst & Dickman (Boone Smith), the evidence was clear: Slow file and print speeds hindered access to crucial documents; third-party software
upgrades caused the network to lag considerably; and the organization racked up a mountain of technical support costs. Boone Smith had been relying on Microsoft Windows NT®  4.0 for years, but the operating system no longer could handle the firm's increasing IT demands.

After examining several options, Boone Smith chose to upgrade to Windows Server 2003 for its performance and security features. Before upgrading, Boone Smith reevaluated its hardware options. Realizing the exceptional price/performance of its existing Dell servers and workstations, Boone Smith enlisted the help of Computer Technology Solutions (CTS)—a leading computer support and integration firm and a reseller of Dell hardware—to help it standardize on Dell servers.