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Database Solutions
Database Solutions
Your business database is the backbone of your operation. Without a reliable and scalable database platform your enterprise may not be prepared for the spikes in demand future business may require.
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Flexible Computing Solutions
Flexible Computing Solutions
Starting with On-Demand Desktop Streaming, Dell will deliver an array of Flexible Computing Solutions all designed to provide IT centralized control of data and images for tighter security, easier image management and better reliability — without sacrificing the end user experience. These solutions are complete from desktop to data center, including fully tested and optimized hardware (standard client, server, storage and networking), software, services and on-going support — all from one source: Dell.
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High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing
Dell HPC simplifies some of the most challenging computational intensive tasks facing business, educational and scientific communities. By integrating the latest advances in industry-standard servers, high speed interconnects and leading open source and commercial software, Dell lead s the industry in defining, implementing, and supporting HPC environments.
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Messaging Solution
Messaging & Unified Communications
Dell understands every business has different messaging requirements. We can custom build a complete Microsoft®  Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 solution around your organization's unique requirements, providing security, mobility, manageability and regulatory compliance. Or look into our Secure Exchange and Unified Communications offerings to make you business even more efficient.
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Operating Systems
When customers are seeking the ability to choose just the right configuration of systems and solutions for their business, they look to Dell. Based upon your business needs, select the right operating system from leading partners. Dell's offerings include Windows Server, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, Ubuntu, VMWare, and Solaris.
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Linux Solutions
Power & Cooling
Power & Cooling
Dell delivers the industry's leading portfolio of energy-optimized solutions to simplify customer's IT related energy challenges from the desktop to the data center: Explore how Dell can help reduce your power & cooling costs, availability, and space & capacity constraints.
Server Energy
Client Energy
Hidden Data Center
Virtualization Solution
What if you could lower your server cost of ownership by 60%, allowing you to apply more resources for business priorities? That, and more, is all possible with the virtualization solutions offered by Dell.
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