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A single megabyte of data can be valued at millions of dollars nowadays. For regulation compliance or to secure your most valuable company assets, IT organizations must implement stringent technologies to secure precious data. Dell provides efficient, easy to use hardware support to help protect your data and your company.

Hardware encrypted hard drives are available on many DellTM  mainstream business clients to help secure your infrastructure end-points. Select DellTM  LatitudeTM  laptops also come with the innovative Dell ControlVaultTM solution to help protect your critical credentials. This Dell-exclusive security solution is hardware-based with a secure, dedicated chip for storing and processing user credentials. The ControlVault solution keeps passwords, biometric templates, and security codes within firmware to help keep them locked away from a malicious application attack.

File and Folder Encryption
Protecting intellectual property and customer data are top security concerns. Whether in transit over the network or at rest on your system, encryption helps secure data with a digital signature, minimizing its potential to be altered or accessed by unauthorized users internally or externally. Data encryption technologies help secure your data by converting files and text into "cipher text" that can only be decoded to its original form with a valid password or encryption key (often managed by Smart Cards or Trusted Platform Module). Encrypting network traffic usually involves the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote connections. Dell offers various encryption solutions to help keep your most valuable data secure.

Hardware-based Data Encryption protection can be very efficient once it becomes transparent for the end-user. With hardware Full Disk Encryption (FDE), the hard drive can be protected with low user impact. Full Disk Encryption is fast and simple to implement and helps secure data on your travelling laptop or remote desktop. Hardware encrypted hard drives are also remote-manageable with back-end solutions such as WAVE®  EMBASSY®  Trust Suite that enables control over key client security features and links these back to the Active Directory® . Simplify your data encryption using Dell®  OptiPlex®  desktops or Latitude®  laptops with hardware encrypted drives.

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Client Security Solutions


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