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Protection against theft is a major concern. The threat exists for desktops and laptops alike, even if desktops are considered to be more secure being stationary in a building. At home, at a customer site, in the field and even within offices, systems can be stolen. Securing systems with dedicated security locks can help prevent theft. Dell offers multiple types of security locks that stand up to tough resistance and fit mobile user or office security needs, which can lock down the computer alone or the system together with its peripherals.

In many cases, thieves might steal a laptop for its hardware resell price. Visual deterrent labels or company logos are an additional layer of protection against common theft, as these labels can help prevent a thief from easily reselling stolen hardware.

Some organizations need to monitor systems at a component level to face theft challenges. Server-side asset management software such as Dell Client Manager helps IT organizations to monitor internal system components. You can even take ownership over the device by implementing your own asset tag, which can enable you to identify the system and make asset management easier.

The Dell ProSupport Laptop Tracking & Recovery Option has the ability to give instructions to the stolen system, such as remote data deletion, through the web as well as trace and potentially recover them with the assistance of law enforcement organizations.

Standard Dell Features

Chassis Intrusion Alert
Chassis Intrusion Alert "standard" feature on some DellTM  OptiPlexTM  desktops and Dell PrecisionTM  workstations, and works with Dell Client Manager. This notification feature sends an alert to the end user or IT administrator when the chassis has been opened to help prevent component tampering and theft.

Configuration Change Alert
This notification feature sends an alert to the end user or IT administrator when certain aspects of the system's configuration - processor, graphics card, memory, etc. - have been changed or removed, helping you to maintain the integrity of your system hardware. Configuration Change Alert works with Dell Client Manager and is a "standard" feature on select OptiPlex desktops, Latitude laptops and Dell Precision workstations.

Security Lock slots Select Dell business clients and displays are equipped with robust security lock slots. On Dell OptiPlex desktops and Dell Precision workstations, the security lock systems are also designed to help prevent system components from being accessed.


Kensington Twin MicroSaver Cables and Locks
Kensington MicroSaver cables and locks provide high performance protection for your laptops, projectors, flat panel monitors, desktop computers and servers. The cable comes with two slim, strong locks that secure up to two pieces of computer equipment.

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Targus Laptop Cable Locks Targus laptop cable locks provide a convenient way to lock down a laptop or desktop equipped with a security lock slot. With a variety of locks to choose from, Targus is sure to have the right lock for you.

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