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Unauthorized Access Prevention

Preventing unauthorized access is as important as data protection, and both are intimately linked to each other. Access control goes beyond system login; it involves facilities management and human resources processes. Dell provides you with cutting-edge security options such as biometric readers, Smart Card readers or Contactless Smart Cards readers to enable a consistent security strategy for simplifying processes and saving money. Along with the flexibility of a broad security offering, select Dell business clients enable you to strengthen your authentication processes by implementing multi-factor authentication, which helps ensure only authorized users get access to your valuable resources.

Authentication features
DellTM  LatitudeTM  laptops have several proven embedded security technologies to authenticate a user or a system. Smart Card and Contactless Smart Card readers are available on select models to enable organizations to implement multi-factor authentication. Using something the user has (like a Smart Card) with a password the user knows, on an identified system, is a simple way to combine multiple conditions to help make the process stronger overall. Furthermore, Smart Card readers can enable organizations to use the cards for physical access authentication within facilities and logical access on the IT infrastructure, helping to simplify overall company security processes.

For convenience and to simplify security for the user, most currently shipping Dell business laptops are orderable with Fingerprint Readers. All Latitude E-Family laptops and Dell Precision Mobile Workstations have optional Fingerprint readers, which are Dell's most popular business NB brand. Furthermore, Vostro and Latitude D-Family laptops also feature optional Fingerprint readers, making it a broadly available option. The Latitude E6500 as well as Dell PrecisionTM  Mobile Workstations M4600 and M6400 even have optional FIPS Fingerprint Readers to help support stronger authentications needs.

Most Dell business clients are also equipped with Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), a versatile chip that helps authenticate a system in an IT infrastructure or store user credentials. For improved security, select Dell Latitude laptops are equipped with a Dell ControlVaultTM  chip that stores certificates and processes the authentication outside of usual malware attack vectors. The ControlVault solution supports multiple security technologies, including RSA SecureID virtual token solutions. Select Dell Latitude platforms offer multiple authentication methods processed in a dedicated chip, to help lower exposure of your precious credentials.

Dell ControlPoint Security Manager Authentication is a key element that is linked to data protection: it identifies the user. IT must enforce strict rules to make the authentication process stronger, becoming more complex and painful for the end user. That's why Dell developed the Dell ControlPoint software, which includes a Security Manager module to simplify security features usage and management. Dell ControlPoint gathers hardware and security settings within one intuitive user interface, removing the need to search through multiple control panels for a specific setting.


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