Dell Microsoft Office 2007

Dell Microsoft Office 2007
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Introducing Microsoft®  Office 2007

  • Better, Faster, Easier.
  • Simplify your daily tasks with the latest generation of Microsoft's powerful productivity suite.


What's New in Word 2007?

Microsoft®  Word - the standard in word processing just got better.

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  • Introducing the Ribbon 
    The Ribbon, part of the new Fluent User Interface, replaces traditional menus and toolbars. Commands are organized in an easy-to-use tab structure, designed to make features more discoverable with just a few clicks.
  • Preview Formatting Changes 
    Live Preview helps you create great looking documents with ease. Choose a variety of preformatted content, themes and styles to add to your document and temporarily preview the changes before applying them.
  • Improved Document Sharing 
    Word 2007 includes features that help let you share your documents more effectively. Create and share documents while easily tracking and incorporating revisions. Plus, maintain the formatting you intended with PDF format support.
  • More Reliable Performance 
    Word 2007 offers new robust features to help keep your documents safer, including compressed file formats and diagnostic programs to help keep Office running reliably.


What's New in Excel 2007?

Excel 2007 - powerful spreadsheet software helps you analyze, share and manage information

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  • Fluent User Interface 
    Microsoft's new Fluent User Interface makes it easier than ever to analyze your data. By organizing commands in an intuitive command bar, adding themes, styles, charts and tables can be done in just a few clicks.
  • More Room for Data 
    Excel 2007 has more rows and columns to help you analyze massive amounts of data in a single worksheet. Plus, calculations are faster with support for multiple processors and multithreaded chipsets.
  • Easier Data Manipulation 
    Find the answers in your data with simplified analysis.
    • Enhanced sorting and filtering tools help arrange your data
    • Get formulas right the first time with Function AutoComplete
    • Rich conditional formatting identifies trends in your data in just a couple of clicks
  • Improved Printing Experience 
    Excel 2007 provides a new page layout view, allowing you to create a worksheet while keeping an eye on exactly how it will look when printed.


What's New in PowerPoint 2007?

Microsoft®  PowerPoint®  2007 - share more than just a presentation, share ideas.

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  • Intuitive Interface 
    Create better presentations quickly with the new Fluent User Interface. Discover features and formatting options within the intuitively organized command bar.
  • Live Preview 
    Create professional-looking presentations quickly with predefined themes, layouts and QuickStyles. Use the Live Preview feature to review formatting changes before you apply them.
  • Presenter View 
    PowerPoint 2007 helps you make the most of your presentations, by taking advantage of dual monitor support. Deliver your presentation on one monitor, while reviewing slides and presentation notes on a second monitor.
  • Presentation Security 
    Help ensure your presentation stays the way you created it. The Mark As Final command prevents others from changing your work, while creating PDF versions of your presentation maintains the formatting you intended.

Outlook with Business Contact Manager

What's New in Outlook 2007?

Microsoft®  Outlook®  2007 - improved tools to help you manage your time and business.

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  • Safer E-Mail 
    Outlook 2007 provides a number of powerful tools, including junk email detection and anti- phishing technology, to help you control the information that reaches you, stay safer and focus on your daily tasks
  • Improved Business Management 
    Locate, manage, and prioritize your business information with Outlook. Business Contact Manager lets you organize your customer information in a single location. Find information quicker with the new Instant Search feature, helping deliver fast results regardless of mailbox size.
  • To-Do Bar 
    Manage your daily priorities with the new To-Do Bar, integrating your tasks, email follow ups, upcoming appointments and calendar information in one convenient place.
  • RSS Feeds 
    You no longer have to visit countless websites to stay current. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are a convenient way for you to receive your favorite website information right in your inbox.


What's New in Publisher 2007?

Microsoft®  Publisher 2007 - create, design and publish professional-looking documents.

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  • Create Publications Easier and Faster 
    Publisher 2007 helps make it easy to create your own professional-looking publications for print, e-mail or the web. Apply professionally designed Publisher templates to your content with a single click, or create your own from scratch.
  • Content Library 
    Store and organize content, like logos, stories, pictures and business information in the Content Library, for insertion into later publications.
  • Publisher Tasks 
    Get step-by-step assistance on using Publisher with Publisher Tasks. Learn how to prepare a publication for email, write dynamic marketing publications and track the effectiveness of a campaign.
  • Streamlined Printing 
    Publisher 2007 offers features to help minimize printing problems including support for PDF file formats, notification of design errors, PANTONE color matching and a Pack and Go printing wizard for perfect commercial printing.


What's New in Access 2007?

Microsoft® Access 2007 - a simple and powerful database program to analyze, track and share information.

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  • Easier Database Creation 
    The new Fluent User Interface makes it easy to create an attractive, functional database quickly from predefined templates, or from scratch.
  • Improved Layouts 
    Improved datasheet and layout views speed up the process of database design. The new datasheet view makes creating tables easier; while the layout view lets you make design changes to forms and reports while still viewing data.
  • Simpler Navigation  
    The Navigation Pane replaces the database window and provides easy access to all of the objects in the currently open database. The Navigation Pane can be collapsed if you need more room to work, but it always remains easily accessible.
  • Improved Analysis Tools 
    Access offers powerful tools to analyze your data with ease. Enhanced sorting and filtering tools let you focus on the important data you need.


What's New in OneNote 2007?

Microsoft®  OneNote 2007 - Organize and share your thoughts with an easy-to-use electronic laptop.

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  • Improved Note-Taking Ability 
    Gather information from a variety of sources and organize them all in one place. OneNote 2007 lets you attach files, create tables, add drawings and send web content directly to your laptop.
  • Better Laptop Management 
    Keep all of your notes in one laptop or create separate laptops for every occasion. Easily navigate through laptops, pages, sections or folders and find anything in seconds with a more powerful search feature.
  • Better Integration with Office Programs 
    Combine OneNote and Outlook to better manage your meetings and contacts. Export emails to OneNote to keep important information together in one place. Flag important notes in OneNote and synchronize them with Outlook Tasks to keep on top of any situation.
  • Better Note Sharing 
    Share laptops for active collaborations. You can even share your notes with people who don't have OneNote, by e-mailing full laptop pages or publishing an entire laptop to a website.

Hardware Requirements

To take advantage of the new capabilities offered by Microsoft Office 2007, be sure to take note of the following system requirements from Microsoft:

Computer and processor500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
Memory256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
Hard disk1.5 gigabyte (GB); a portion of this disk space will be freed after installation if the original download package is removed from the hard drive.
DriveCD-ROM or DVD drive
Display1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows(R) XP with Service Pack (SP), Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system


  • What is the difference between Windows Vista and Microsoft Office? 
    Windows Vista is the operating system that runs on PCs. Microsoft Office products are not part of Windows Vista, but are separate software applications that run on the Windows Vista operating system.
  • Why should I upgrade? The Office Version I have now works just fine. 
    Previous versions of Office are great tools. However, Microsoft Office 2007 has everything your current version has, plus much more. Including:
    • Easier to use applications
    • Added features in all Office programs
    • More robust anti-spam and virus protection
    • Document recovery tools that automatically save your work
    • Streamlined search tools to help you find anything on your PC
  • I already have a version of Windows and/or Microsoft Office on my PC. Can I just use that on my new machine? 
    If the software came pre-installed on your previous PC, it is licensed only for that PC and may not be installed on a new system.
  • It took me years to master Windows and Office. Why are they changing it on me? 
    Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 have the same familiar tools and features as previous versions, plus much more. The new user interface provides more visual cues that help make it easier to find and understand the tools you want to use. With the new releases, you can spend much less time learning and more time using your new software.
  • Will I be able to share files with people who do not have the 2007 release? 
    The Microsoft Office 2007 release allows you to save in earlier Microsoft Office formats, so you can share files with people running earlier versions of Microsoft Office.
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