Get the Freedom to HyperConnectTM  with Dell Laptops

Now your connectivity isn’t limited to certain areas of your house or specific hotspots. With Dell wireless laptops, you’re free to HyperConnectTM  virtually anywhere - inside your home or out in the great wide open*. Intuitive technologies engineered into Dell Inspiron and mobile XPS laptops give you new opportunities to find strong and reliable connections*, so you can get online nearly all the time. Here’s how it works:

Share Inside the Home
  • Internet connections  Open up your home’s potential with the ability to share your cable modem or DSL Internet access across multiple PCs. Equipped with Bluetooth TM  , Dual Band Wi-Fi supporting Draft 802.11n technology and Mobile Broadband, Dell laptops offer you almost limitless connectivity so you can connect almost anywhere you are - all without cables.*

  • Rich media  You can access rich digital content from anywhere in your house and share it with whoever you want using Dell supported media extenders and wireless TV tuners.

  • Seamless connectivity  Move your content - music, photos, and more - between PCs and attached digital devices like MP3 players and PDAs with Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate technology.
    What Do I Need For BluetoothTM ?

  • Devices and resources  HyperConnect and streamline your life with wireless connected devices. Network sharing helps eliminate the need for multiple devices like printers and can provide network storage within the home to aggregate family digital photos and store music.
Connect Outside the Home
  • Mobile Broadband*  Support on select XPS mobile platforms* enables you connect everywhere within your provider’s coverage area. Use streaming services such as Orb to share vacation photos at the coffee shop or access your music collection in the airport while you wait for your flight.
    What Do I Need for Mobile Broadband?

  • HyperBand Diversity Antenna  All XPS mobile platforms use the HyperBand Diversity Antenna along with next generation 802.11 Wi-Fi support to pull in weak signals for more robust connectivity and maximum Internet uptime - in your home or on the road.
    What Do I Need for Wi-Fi?

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