Stay Connected and Protected with Dell Laptops

Do more and worry less with Dell laptops. Dell wireless solutions incorporate robust industry-standard, multi-level security features to help protect your data, your content, and your personal information. Dell wireless solutions are designed to let you HyperConnectTM  safely and securely.

Leading-Edge Technology
  • Standards-Based Protection  Standards-based WPA2 with the bulletproof Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technologies built into Dell Inspiron and mobile XPS laptops help safeguard against identity theft and can facilitate safe and secure purchasing online.
  • Wireless firewalls  Many routers sold by Dell provide wireless firewall software to help protect your home network from intruders.
Security That’s Easy to Use
  • Usability testing  Even the best security system can be worthless if it’s so complicated that a user can’t set it up. Rigorous Dell usability testing ensures a simplified installation experience to help make it easy to take advantage of the latest security technology and gain peace of mind.
  • Use safe, easy-to-remember pass phrases instead of complicated hexadecimal codes.
  • Configuration options highlight recommended solutions in straightforward language instead of confusing techno-jargon.

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