Laptop vs Netbook Comparison

Laptop vs Netbook Comparison
  • Netbooks have a smaller screen size (less than 12-inches) and smaller keyboard size. They are designed to be simple and can be used to perform easy tasks like e-mail, Internet browsing, light entertainment and light productivity. Laptops can range in any screen size and can be built to do complex and graphics intensive tasks.
  • As netbooks do simple tasks, they are best used as a companion PC rather than a primary PC.
  • Netbooks use low power processors like Intel®  AtomTM  and Intel®  CeleronTM  processors, while laptops use relatively power intensive processors.
  • Due to use of lower power, netbooks have very long battery life and can usually last a long time with a single charge compared to laptops.
  • Because netbooks are small and lightweight, they can be carried in a regular bag and may not need a specialized case for it.
  • Netbooks also generally come with integrated graphics capability, thus limiting the ability to intensive graphics and related tasks.
  • Due to the nature of companion PCs, netbooks typically have lower RAM (Random Access Memory) and lower HDD (Hard Drive) capacity as compared to laptops.
  • Netbooks are not built with internal CD/DVD drives as content used are mostly downloaded or stored in the hard disk drives. However, one can use an external CD/DVD drive and connect to the netbook using the USB port.

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