The Dell Axim X30 Handheld

The Dell Axim X30 Handheld

Thin, Sleek and Powerful

Dell Axim Handhelds

The new Dell AximTM  X30 handheld — with optional integrated Wi-Fi®  and Bluetooth®  wireless technologies — is equipped with the latest powerful Intel® XscaleTM  PXA270 processor running at up to 624 MHz and the Microsoft® Windows® MobileTM  2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC operating system. The next generation PXA270 processor provides ultra-low power operation with industry-leading multimedia performance for wireless clients. The multifunctional Axim X30 provides everything you expect from a high-quality handheld designed for work and play, and all at a terrific price!

Outstanding Productivity, Entertainment and Connectivity Features

The Axim X30 provides a brilliant 3.5-inch touch-sensitive, transflective display to view your work or enjoy your favorite multimedia program. Using Pocket Word or Pocket Excel, you can catch up on work when you're away from your computer, or play games and listen to your favorite digital music when you need a break. This thin, light, easy-to-carry handheld keeps everything at your fingertips...you can even look at digital photos or watch digital video clips while on the go.

Add the integrated wireless option and take advantage of 802.11b Wi-Fi* and Bluetooth technology. You can stay connected any time you're near a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as keyboards, mobile phones or GPS receivers. Browse the Web, check your e-mail, exchange business cards or just update your schedule. It's never been easier or more convenient to get connected. Axim X30 features include:

  • Up to 64 MB of SDRAM and 64 MB of Intel® StrataFlash®  ROM — Ample memory for all your applications
  • Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook and Pocket Internet Explorer*— Integrated applications for productivity and connectivity on the go
  • Built-in microphone — Voice note recording at the push of a button
  • Integrated speaker — Robust sound in a small package
  • Stereo headphone jack — Private high-quality audio
  • Secure Digital I/O slot — SDIO Now! interoperability for peripherals or memory, including external Bluetooth
  • IrDA port — CIR/SIR (serial or slow IR/fast IR)
  • 950 mAh Li-Ion battery — Removable for quick and easy battery changes

Smart, Sophisticated, Easy-To-Use Design

The thin, ergonomic Axim X30 handheld, which fits easily in your pocket, includes an attractive metallic silver-finished case. Four access application keys and a five-way navigation button let you quickly and easily select programs and data. You can quickly scroll through long lists using the handy scroll dial, located on the side of the unit.

Dell Reliability for Your Pocket

Whether you're working as you travel or just relaxing on the go, you'll appreciate the reliable, pocketsized mobility of the Axim X30 handheld. It's the perfect tool for your busy lifestyle. As with all Dell products, you get outstanding service and technical support from our award-winning team of professionals. If you need optional integrated wireless connectivity in a thin, extraordinary handheld, the affordable Axim X30 handheld is for you. It's easy to carry, easy to use, and very easy on your pocketbook. It's easy as Dell.

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