Introducing the New Dell W2600 26" LCD TV

Introducing the New Dell W2600 26

Perfect Size, Exceptional Features and a Great Price!

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With an optimal viewing distance of four to 12 feet, our newest, wide-screen, high definition-ready TV — the Dell W2600 26" LCD TV — is large enough for dens, large bedrooms or even a living room. The W2600's bright display delivers 450 nits of luminance and a 500:1 contrast ratio that produces an outstanding image, even in well-lit rooms.

The W2600 TV also delivers a truly outstanding audio experience. Integrated stereo speakers with 15 watts per channel power the system, and SRS TruSurround XTTM  provides advanced technology available for delivering virtual surround sound over a standard, two-speaker system. There's no need to invest in a multi-channel sound card or additional speakers to thoroughly enjoy 5.1 multi-channel soundtracks for movies and music.

Dual analog tuners provide the capability to view two channels simultaneously, and the system supports full Picture-in-Picture capabilities including Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Picture-on-Picture (POP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP). The W2600 TV makes a beautiful addition to any room. Its sleek profile is less than four-inches thin when wall mounted.* It also comes with Dell's new Stratosphere finish that uses piano black speakers and a satin chrome finish to create an elegant appearance that will add to any home d├ęcor. Best of all, the W2600 includes all of these great features at a very affordable price.

Versatile Connectivity with PC Compatibility

The Dell W2600 TV's 16X9 wide-aspect display delivers excellent picture quality, and the system includes all the necessary inputs for external media devices and computer connection. Features include:

  • TV inputs for DVD/HDTV Component Video, S-Video and Composite Video.
  • Computer video inputs for VGA, DVI and PC audio. The DVI connection includes High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) optimization, which provides compatibility with a broad range of electronic devices while maintaining PC compatibility.
  • Rigorous testing for integration with Dell DimensionTM  desktops and InspironTM  laptops.
  • 1-year limited warranty* with Advanced Exchange Service* and with options to purchase up to 4-year Advanced Exchange Service or CompleteCareTM  Service.*

Everything Is In the Box

The W2600 26" LCD TV ships with all of the cables* you're likely to need, and also comes with a stand and a user-friendly remote control that includes a simplified interface and large backlit numbers. Combine the W2600 TV with a Dell Dimension desktop or Inspiron laptop to create an incredible digital home entertainment system. You can even split the display to watch TV while you work or surf the Internet. Add an optional digital photo card reader to view photos directly from your digital camera memory modules. Order a versatile and beautifully designed W2600 TV and start enjoying this exceptional system today.

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