New Dell OptiPlex GX280 and SX280 Desktops

New Dell OptiPlex GX280 and SX280 Desktops

Designed Specifically for Diverse Business Environments

Dell OptiPlex Desktops

Introducing the Dell OptiPlex GX280 and SX280 series desktops, the next generation of OptiPlex line of commercial desktop PCs. Designed to meet the needs of a broad range of users working in diverse networked environments, OptiPlex 280 series desktops use the latest Intel® Celeron D®  and Pentium®  4 processors with up to 800 MHz front side bus (FSB) and 1MB L2 cache. Pentium®  4 systems with 800 MHz FSB processors can take advantage of Intel's Hyper-Threading technology, which can improve processing performance when multi-tasking and help reduce delays caused by background processes such as virus scans. The OptiPlex 280 series uses Intel's new 915G Express chipset, which supports integrated audio and improved video, has an integrated Gigabit* Ethernet connection and supports up to 4 GB of new shared* dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM. The 280 series also supports new PCI Express architecture for graphics, networking and I/O designed for higher bandwidth and faster system performance. A wide selection of Serial ATA hard drives, optical and magnetic media drives and monitors are available. These desktops also come with your choice of Microsoft® Windows®  XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating systems.

Optimal Price for Performance and Scalability

The OptiPlex GX280 desktop is available in three highly scalable configurations — small form factor, small desktop and small mini-tower chassis — all of which are designed for ease-of-access and ease-of-use. With Serial ATA, PCI Express, and a wide selection of peripherals including graphics cards, DVD+RW* drives and Dell flat panel monitors, the OptiPlex GX280 desktop provides relevant technology and scalability unparalleled by previous generations of the OptiPlex line. Regardless of the chassis, processor or hardware options, it can be deployed with a common software image, making it the ideal choice for customers requiring an optimal price for performance in diverse computing environments.

Small Size without Compromise

The ultra-small, highly flexible OptiPlex SX280 system is designed for customers who need full GX280 computing power, including desktop hard drives, along with a very small PC footprint. OptiPlex SX280 is based on the same system architecture as the larger OptiPlex GX280 series, yet adapts to very small spaces and installs to walls, desks, or other surfaces in multiple orientations*. The SX280 also offers an optional all-in-one flat panel-solution that further reduces space requirements. The all-in-one option is available with a 15" and 17" flat panel. Typical OptiPlex SX280 environments include call centers, small cubicles, hospitals, point-of-sale sites and service industries. Both the GX280 and the SX280 can be configured with the same disk image — an important benefit for customers deploying a mix of GX280 and SX280 systems. The SX280 also offers a common system image with the Latitude D family for its hot swappable RMSD devices.

Outstanding Manageability

In addition to Dell's leadership role in advocating open industry standards, we offer standards-based systems management tools such as the Dell OpenManageTM  Suite of products. These tools help keep your workforce productive and current by making remote system updates possible, providing system alerts and permitting after-hours imaging and software updates.

As with all members of the OptiPlex family, 280 series systems are tested extensively to help ensure compatibility with industry standard hardware and software and are optimized for reliability, serviceability and manageability. Combined with Dell's enterprise Value-Add Services and award-winning service and support, updating your network with powerful new 280 series OptiPlex systems is a very wise investment. These systems offer a low total cost of ownership and a long, stable life cycle. They're easy to buy and easy to manage...easy as Dell.

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