Next-Generation PowerEdge Servers: Leading the Way to the Future

Next-Generation PowerEdge Servers: Leading the Way to the Future

Four Powerful PowerEdge Servers to Speed You on Your Way

Next-Generation PowerEdge Servers

Dell introduces four powerful next-generation PowerEdgeTM  servers featuring the latest Intel® XeonTM  processors with EM64T support that allow customers to deploy today's 32-bit applications while opening the door to future 64-bit migration when their applications are ready to move to the next level of performance. Dell's broad new range of state-of-the-art servers includes the PowerEdge 1800, 1850, 2800 and 2850. These powerful new dual-processor servers raise the bar for high-performance, industry standards-based server technology, delivering:

  • 64-bit addressability for great performance and scalability*
  • Next generation PCI Express I/O, delivering up to 4X more throughput than previous PCI interconnects
  • Up to 8 GB of ECC DDR-2 SDRAM memory with even more scalability in the future
  • Intel 7520 chipset for enhanced performance and scalability
  • Up to 3.4GHz or 3.6 GHz clock speed XeonTM  processors with 800 MHz front side bus and 1 MB L2 cache for impressive performance (PowerEdge 1800 up to 3.4GHz)
  • Memory mirroring and hot-pluggable components for high availability
  • Built-in manageability features that help speed the identification and resolution of system problems
  • A variety of factory installable and validated operating systems including:
    Microsoft® Windows®  Server 2003 — Enterprise Edition, Server Edition or Web Edition
    Microsoft Windows Server 2000 — Server Standard or Server Advanced
    Red Hat®  Enterprise Linux v2.1 and 3 (AS and ES)
    Novell® Netware® — v5.1 or 6.5

The Most Manageable PowerEdge Servers Ever

Dell's innovative next-generation PowerEdge servers not only deliver new levels of performance, availability and scalability to our customers, but they are the most manageable PowerEdge servers ever! With OpenManageTM  4, users have a range of remote management features and tools to choose from, including common system image (BIOS, drivers) on the PowerEdge 1850/2800/2850 and diagnostic tools with which customers can minimize management complexity and costs. Also, through ImageWatch — Dell's enterprise block release program — Dell provides improved transition management across generations for additional reductions in complexity and image management.

Meet the Next-Generation PowerEdge Servers

Dell's powerful dual-processor systems deliver the latest state-of-the-art server technologies in a range of performance levels and form factors that can meet the needs of every business from the smallest to the largest. Next-generation PowerEdge servers include:

  • PowerEdge 2850 — Maximum performance in a 2U form factor that provides a balance of internal expandability and rack density. The PowerEdge 2850's configuration flexibility makes it ideal for network infrastructure applications that require both performance and large hard drive capacities.
  • PowerEdge 2800 — A rackable 5U tower chassis that combines high performance computing with massive internal storage capacity. The PowerEdge 2800 is well suited for all enterprise-class applications with large internal storage requirements.
  • PowerEdge 1850 — A high concentration of computing power and redundancy in a 1U form factor. The PowerEdge 1850 is ideal for use in high-performance computing clusters (HPCC), SAN front-end, Web and infrastructure applications.
  • PowerEdge 1800 — A value packed rackable tower chassis that offers a balance of manageability and expandability at an attractive price.

Additionally, PowerEdge 2850, 2800 and 1850 servers can use the same image, which simplifies IT management.

Power, Scalability, Improved Manageability

The next-generation PowerEdge servers are designed to help you grow into the future. The powerful Intel Xeon processor with 64-bit technology, combined with Dell's OpenManage 4 enhanced management capabilities, will help you to comfortably and confidently migrate your business applications into the next generation of 64-bit server performance. Let Dell build the server that meets your 32-bit applications needs today and guides you into the 64-bit future. It's easy as Dell.

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