Memory Buying Guide

Memory Buying Guide


Looking to upgrade your PC's memory?
Why upgrade your system memory
Why use Dell memory?
What if you don't have a Dell system?
How much memory do you need?
How can you be sure you purchase the right memory?
How do you install memory?
Another system performance maximizer: Consider upgrading your hard drive or CD/DVD drive.
Interested in memory for digital cameras, PDAs, or printers, or USB Removable Memory?
Dell DDR Memory
Dell DDR2 Memory
Dual-Channel Memory
System memory glossary
Flash Memory Glossary

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Why upgrade your system memory

PC users upgrade their memory for two main reasons:
  • They want to increase the performance of their PC.
  • They want to extend the life of their PC before replacing it.

Adding memory to your PC is an affordable upgrade that brings reliable results with Dell certified memory modules. Plus, upgrading your system with DellTM  memory is easier than you think. We'll show you how.

Adding even 64 MB of memory can help increase your system performance by 42 percent, according to a study sponsored by the Council on PC Performance (http://www.rammatters.com/proof/). To see the dramatic results of upgrading memory, go to the Council on PC Performance website .

But if you want to get more from your computer for a longer period of time, you'll want to upgrade your memory. Thinking about a digital camera or CD burner? With more memory you can take advantage more fully of your PC's built-in multimedia capabilities, for example, for working with photo and music files.

Installing memory is an easy step-by-step process that nets noticeable results. Read on for a guide to installing the correct memory that you purchase from Dell.

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