Dell Digital Delivery

Dell Digital Delivery
How does it work?

Dell Digital Delivery allows you to purchase select software titles at the same time you purchase your computer. Then, when you receive your computer, you can automatically download and install the software. Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase select software titles at the time your new computer is ordered.
  2. When your system is powered on for the first time, you will be guided through setup, including how to connect to the Internet. A broadband Internet connection is recommended.
  3. On the second start of the system, a Dell Digital Delivery installer application will run automatically.
  4. After the Dell Digital Delivery application starts, you will have the option to “Download Now” or “Remind Me Later.” If you choose “Remind Me Later,” you will be asked again the next time the system is started and on subsequent restarts until you decide to start the download.
  5. Once you select “Download Now,” the software will download and install automatically and indicate when setup is complete. If a restart of the system is required, you will be prompted. Newly installed programs can be accessed from the Windows Start menu and will be highlighted. You will not receive media (CDs or DVDs) or printed documentation for software purchased using Dell Digital Delivery, as an online restore capability is provided with your purchase.


The Dell Digital Delivery application enables you to reinstall purchased software applications without physical CDs or DVDs; your system and software license information is saved by Dell.

  • Basic reinstall – To reinstall a specific program purchased through Dell Digital Delivery, select Start, Programs, Dell and select “Dell Digital Delivery”. The program will start and allow you to download any purchased programs not currently installed on the computer by clicking the “reinstall”.
  • Reinstall with license key – certain applications require a license key to be entered during the install process. In the Dell Digital Delivery application window, “View Key” will appear next to any software program which requires a license key. Click “View Key” to display the license key. If “View Key” is not visible, a license key is not required.
  • Dell Digital Delivery client application reinstall – the Dell Digital Delivery client application is required to install any software you have purchased through Dell Digital Delivery. If the client application has been uninstalled from your system, it can be downloaded and installed from the Dell Support Website. Click “Drivers and Downloads,” then enter your computer’s service tag to find the Dell Digital Delivery software.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic installation - There’s no need to manage login credentials, visit websites, wait for emails, find license information or use DVDs. Once you’re connected to the Internet, Dell Digital Delivery does the rest.
  • Restore capability - Whether you’re reinstalling an application or doing a full system restoration, Dell Digital Delivery keeps track of your purchases and automates the process, so there’s no need to find the right CD or DVD when it’s time to reinstall.
  • Private and secure - Dell Digital Delivery works by linking your system profile to a Dell software license database over a secure, encrypted channel. Your personal information is never made public or shared with third parties, consistent with Dell’s privacy policy. https://www.dell.com/content/topics/global.aspx/policy/en/policy?c=us&l=en&s=gen&~section=000
  • Environmentally conscious - Dell Digital Delivery helps you reduce paper and plastic waste, since most software has plenty of packaging but no longer includes printed manuals. Plus, you can eliminate a trip to the store.