Dell Discounts & Coupons

Dell Discounts & Coupons

Most of Dell's coupons and discounts are automatically calculated when you go to My Cart. However, some of our coupons will require you to enter in a Coupon Code that you received in a catalog or email. If the discount or coupon you are using does not show up at check out, please follow these simple steps:

At My Cart
  1. Under Discounts and Coupons, enter the coupon code that you received.
  2. Click Apply Coupon. If you have multiple coupons, you can enter a new Coupon Code each time you click Apply Coupon.
  3. After you click Apply Coupon, the discount and coupon will be calculated into your total cost.
  4. If the coupon you enter is not valid, you will receive this message. Click on View Details to view the coupon requirements.

Step 1, 2 and 3Step 4
Offers subject to change, not combinable with all other offers. Taxes, shipping, handling and other fees apply. U.S. Dell Home new purchases only. Dell reserves the right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors.