Theft Protection

Theft Protection

In coffee shops, college campuses, hotel rooms and vehicles, laptops are being targeted at an alarming rate. That’s where LoJack®  for Laptops Theft Protection comes in.

What is LoJack®  for Laptops?

To help protect you against loss, Dell offers LoJack®  for Laptops theft protection* from Computrace® . LoJack®  for Laptops is a theft-protection service that can track, locate and recover stolen laptops. If your laptop is ever stolen, simply alert LoJack’s monitoring center and a recovery team can work with the local law enforcement to recover it.

You will receive special LoJack software through Dell that you install on your laptop. This software works behind the scenes to silently contact LoJack's Absolute Monitoring Center using the Internet. If your laptop is stolen, you alert the Absolute Monitoring Center; the Absolute Recovery Team can track the computer's location.

Accidents happen... Purchase Dell's CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service* along with Computrace®  LoJack®  for Laptops Theft Protection.

Dell's CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service* repairs or replaces your PC in the event of most accidental damage caused by spills, drops, collisions, electrical surges and many other accidents.

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