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The Basics: Wireless Printing

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More and more households today have multiple computers. Because each computer must print documents, two trends have become common. Either:

  1. Each computer has its own attached printer, or
  2. Wireless home networks connect each computer to a central printer.
Wireless home networks are easier than ever to set up, and by being able to connect all PCs in the home to one printer, they're making a big splash in printing by helping to cut down costs and free up space.

The Wireless Printer Revolution

If You Keep the CablesIf You Keep the Cables
Of course, if you choose to stay with a cabled printer, life is still getting better. Traditional bulky printer cables are being replaced with convenient USB cables. Just make sure that you've got the right cable at time of purchase. This means checking to see what kind of cable your printer takes (all of Dell’s All-In-One inkjets use USB cables), and making sure that it's either included or added to your shopping cart.

Cables are not included with most new printers, so be sure to add the cable when you purchase your printer.

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