5000 Series ATI Radeon HDTM  Graphics

Microsoft®  DirectX®  11 Technology — Offering dynamic lighting and shading, along with 3D film-quality effects for collisions and larger-than-life explosions, creating a lifelike gaming experience. The developers who create new games will use new features from DirectX 11 to make games with graphics that’ll make you jump in your seat! Features like these:

Tessellation : Tessellation is a process where the GPU makes calculations to create surfaces that will make smoother images to make the gaming world including your character as lifelike as possible.

Multi-threading : Now your DirectX 11 graphics card can share rendering jobs balanced across the CPU and GPU. This means that if your CPU is receiving more work than it can handle, the load can be spread across the GPU to seek and destroy system lag. By sharing tasks as so, many performance bottlenecks may be avoided.

DirectCompute : Turn your graphics card into a massive parallel processor along with your CPU. DirectCompute allows programs, like games, to use your GPU for more intense calculations. Lots of the CPU intensive tasks can now be done on these hardcore graphics cards like ray-tracing, video transcoding, game physics, and artificial intelligence, etc.

ATI EyefinityTM  — Eyefinity is a feature included in select ATI graphics cards where you can power up to 3 monitors from a single graphics card. The results hook up your point of view and give you a panoramic, HD and surround visual experience.

ATI Unified Video Decoder — Get blown away by the latest Blu-rayTM  Disc movies and other Hi-def content with a dedicated hardware video decoder that allows your CPU to multitask. With true-to-life HD image quality combined with an array of digital outputs, you can maximize versatility when enjoying your digital entertainment.
ATI Radeon Graphics