You can pick from factory-overclocked* offerings or you can create your own settings using our Alienware approved 'Unlocked BIOS.'

The Unlocked BIOS options enable serious gamers to edit various internal settings that can be used to increase processor and memory speeds. By editing these settings users can overclock their system beyond what is found at stock settings.*

Alienware Aurora with optional Intel®  X58 motherboard chipset allows for additional options for Intel®  CoreTM i7 CPUs as well as Intel®  CoreTM i7 Extreme CPUs not available with the Intel P55 Express architecture.

Alienware Aurora Unlocked BIOS options
Available for all Auroras and CPUs Options specific to the X58-based Aurora
  Change your Memory Ratio  Change IOH Voltage
  Enable XMP Memory  View Current QPI Speed
  Modify all Memory Timing  Change QPI Ratio
  Change your BCLK  Change QPI Voltage
  Toggle ON/OFF Turbo Mode TechnologyAdditional options specific to X58-based Auroras with Extreme Edition CPUs
  Change PCI-E Frequency  Adjust the Turbo Mode Ratio Limits
  Change CPU Vcore Offset  Adjust the TDC Limit Override
  Change Memory Voltage  Adjust the TDP Limit Override
  Options Specific to the P55-based Aurora
  View Current DMI Speed
  Change DMI Ratio
  Change DMI Voltage
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