Multi-Core Processing — Discover unbelievable gaming and multimedia performance, thanks to four cores for processing multiple threads and multiple tasks. Now you can run more programs at once — and at blistering speeds — while sitting on the edge of your seat.

Intel®  Hyper-Threading Technology — Multitasking is a snap when you can have up to twelve threads running simultaneously. Your system can do more in the background, so you can remain focused on world domination.

Intel®  Turbo Boost Technology — Get the speed you need for the most demanding games and applications, as the processor clock dynamically increases to match the required workload when the processor is operating below power, current, and temperature specification limits.

Intel®  QuickPath Interconnect — When you're in the middle of killing zombies, the last thing you need is a system bottleneck. Helps prevent gaming hiccups with fast transfer rates and high bandwidth.

Intel®  Smart Cache — With CPUs that have large cache memory , you'll have explosive performance at your command. Dynamic allocation of the cache keeps you feeling immersed.

Alienware Desktop Processor Options
CPU SeriesCores and ThreadsCacheIntel®  Turbo Boost TechnologyIntel®  Hyper-Threading TechnologyQuickPath Interconnect TechnologyRequired Architecture / Socket
Intel Core i7-980x Extreme Edition6 cores
12 threads
12MBYesYesYesIntel X58 Express / Socket 1366
Intel Core i7 900 series4 cores
8 threads
8MBYesYesYesIntel X58 Express / Socket 1366
Intel Core i5 700 series4 cores
4 threads
4MBYesYesNoIntel P55 Express / Socket 1156
Intel Core i5 600 series2 cores
4 threads
4MBYesYesNoIntel P55 Express / Socket 1156
Intel Core i3 500 series2 cores
4 threads
4MBNoYesNoIntel P55 Express / Socket 1156
Intel Core i7 Processors