Dell with Microsoft Office 2010 for your Business

Dell with Microsoft Office 2010 for your Business
Introducing Microsoft Office 2010 - Choose the Software that can keep up
Find your perfect fit

DellTM  PCs come with the Microsoft®  Office 2010 edition of your choice. Pick the version that’s right for you.

Microsoft®  Office Starter 2010 includes reduced-functionality versions of Word 2010 and Excel 2010 with advertising. PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher are NOT included. Purchase Office 2010 license above for full-featured Office software.

Compare editions of Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2010 - Compare Editions
Feature Microsoft®  Office
Home and Business Edition
Microsoft®  Office
Professional Edition
Word: Powerful word processing program YesYes
Excel: Comprehensive spreadsheet program YesYes
Contains Advertisements NoNo
PowerPoint® : Simple, powerful and widely-used tool to create professional presentations YesYes
Outlook® : Manage your e-mail, tasks and schedules YesYes
OneNote® : A single place to gather, share and search for information YesYes
Publisher® : Create, design and publish for print, the Web or e-mail NoYes
AccessTM : Powerful database creation and management NoYes

Office 2010 software programs

Word 2010

Word 2010
  • Enhanced features for professional-quality documents
  • Easier ways to work together with other people
  • Access your files from almost anywhere

Excel 2010

Excel®  2010
  • Analyze, manage and share information
  • Powerful data analysis and visualization tools
  • Access your spreadsheets from virtually anywhere

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint®  2010
  • Create high-quality presentations with stunning graphics
  • Use new transitions and improved animations
  • Share your presentations effectively

OneNote 2010

OneNote®  2010
  • One easy-to-use, powerful space for all of your ideas
  • Stores text, images, video and audio notes in one place
  • Streamlined, flexible work environment

Outlook 2010

Outlook®  2010
  • Premium e-mail management tools
  • Simplify scheduling tasks
  • Stay connected to business and personal contacts

Access 2010

Access®  2010
  • Powerful data management
  • Access and share your data in new ways
  • Keep data compliant and secure

Publisher 2010

Publisher 2010
  • Create, personalize and share publications
  • Enjoy more design control
  • Get professional-looking results

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