PowerConnect B-TI24X
PowerConnect B-FCX
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PowerConnect B-TI24X

Seamlessly migrate to a 10GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) infrastructure with the PowerConnect B-TI24X switch. Ideal for large enterprise data centers, virtualized environments and high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, it features 24 dual-speed 10GbE ports and redundant power supplies.
  • High-performance and non-stop networking for mission-critical applications
  • Energy-conscious edge infrastructure
  • Seamless migration to 10GbE at your own pace
PowerConnect B-TI24X
PowerConnect B-FCX

Stack up to eight PowerConnect B-FCX Series 24-port or 48-port switches into a single logical switch and manage it as a single IP to bring high-performing intelligence to the data center network edge.
  • Simplified deployment with auto-configuration
  • High-performance plug-and-play stacking
  • Nonstop networking

PowerConnect B-FCX

The Evolution of Networking

  • Performance, Scalability, and Efficiency
  • Choice at the Core and at the Edge
  • Investment Protection
Increasingly, organizations need applications deployed rapidly to meet their performance requirements, with secure and reliable access to their mission-critical data. DellTM  PowerConnectTM  offers new technologies to its growing portfolio of networking products with chassis switches, 10 Gbps CEE/DCB support, 8 Gbps FC and FCoE switching, and advanced management applications. The PowerConnect B-Series supports a dynamic infrastructure and optimized solutions for virtualized environments, allowing customers to deploy and manage an efficient data center.
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