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Designed to help eliminate - AIDS IN AFRICA


Seventeen Magazine

Welcome Seventeen readers

Dell has teamed up with Siobhan Gunning, a (RED)TM  - inspired artist, to create an exclusive (PRODUCT)RED design for Dell's Studio 15 laptop line - only for Seventeen Magazine readers. When you purchase a Dell Studio laptop with this (PRODUCT)RED artwork, Dell will contribute $20 to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.
Siobhan Artwork on Studio 15Siobhan Studio 15 Product Shot

Intel®  Dual Core
3GB Memory
250GB HD

Siobhan Studio 15 Product Shot

Intel®  CoreTM  2 duo
4GB Memory
320GB HD

Siobhan Studio 15 Product Shot
                                           “In The Wilderness”
Everything I do is an experiment that begins with some intention but also has its share of happy accidents. I get bored easily so I always try and come up with some new technique yet ultimately strive to keep things simple. Here we have Africa, my great love, with the head of a beautiful girl arising from the continent’s West African bulge. As I see it, it’s about the human connection to the great African continent. The separation of one from the other marks a great loss. In addition, when we lose ourselves in the wild, we end by finding our true selves. I love the delicacy, balance and free spirit of this one.

“Africa inspires most of what I do to some or other extent - its vastness, its wildness, it contrasts and extremes, its incredible beauty, its danger, its soul, the strength and joy of its people, the humbling nature of their poverty, the smells, sounds and vibrant colours of the place ... Words are especially inspirational to me - everyday conversation and the wisdom that sometimes resides in that, literature, and poetry. I write and often fragments on my poems and the occasional truism or philosophy will end up in a piece of art".
                  Siobhan Gunning
                  Born in Mombassa, East Africa, Siobhan Gunning has had a wonderful
                  upbringing involving frequent travels that brought her into contact with exotic
                  coastlines, endless African and all of its Arabic, Indian, Portuguese, British
                  and other influences. And she’s curious about everything!

(Product) RED Artwork

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