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152% Performance Gains

New technology means enhanced performance. Dual-Core processing power lies at the heart of every server in the line. Hardware virtualization technology now comes built into every processor. Add fully-buffered DIMM memory and the result is up to a 152%* performance increase for processor-intensive applications. In addition to improving performance, we've also lowered system power consumption by 25%, for an overall 196% improvement in performance per watt.

Visible LCD

Visible Lcd

The LCD display lets you view your server's status at a glance. Customer-level programmability lets you display whatever default message is desired.
1 System Image   

To help save time, each of the three mainstream servers in our new line (the PowerEdge 1950, 2950 and 2900) can be managed with just one system image.


Through direct customer feedback, we developed a Behavioral Specification to increase commonality across platforms and define all interaction and design elements for this and future generations of PowerEdge servers. Across server platforms handles, latches and even the placement of components will remain common. For ease of management, we label and colour code all hardware - including the hot-pluggable hard drives and power supplies.
Behavioral Specification

Hard Drive

Hard Drives
We've increased hard drive flexibility. You can now choose from multiple sizes of SAS and SATA hard drives depending on your preference: availability and expandability, or capacity and value.


A TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE), standard with every 9th Generation PowerEdge server, helps deliver greater network throughput and efficiency by offloading TCP/IP processing to a dedicated processor.


OpenManageTM  is included with the purchase of every Dell PowerEdge server. It provides flexible, easy-to-use tools for hardware change management and system updates. Standards-based connectors help you directly manage your PowerEdge servers from most leading applications.




Take Your Support to the Next Level
Take Your Support to the Next Level
Dell Enterprise Support Services offer multiple levels of enterprise support to meet your IT needs.
Enterprise Command Center (ECC)
Enterprise Command Center (ECC)
We use live news feeds, mapping programs, plus real-time tracking and management.
Comprehensive Training
Dell Training
Get the training you need to better manage and utilize your Dell servers.

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Server Advisor

Dell Server Advisor
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Browse a diverse selection of reliable server solutions delivering industry standard technology and unparalleled value.
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