Why Choose Dell PowerEdge Servers

Why Choose Dell PowerEdge Servers

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Why Choose Dell Servers
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The Dell PowerEdge server family has the depth and breadth to address your unique needs - from lower-level applications like file/print sharing to mission-critical consolidation/virtualization and database servers. Dell builds on validated, standards-based technology you can count on throughout the product lifecycle.

Choice in server platforms and features

Whether it is a tower server for a remote location or the sales floor, a rack-dense server for the data center or an ultra-dense blade server to help minimize glass house floor space, PowerEdge delivers the same great technology in a variety of ways to help meet your needs.
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Innovative server technologies and services

Dell is an innovator. As the market quickly followed our lead to industry-standard servers, we continue to define value by innovating with standards to bring you leading-edge products with the rock-solid base of industry-standard compatibility.
Innovation at Dell

Built with high quality and reliability

Dell's legendary direct model and leading supply chain help ensure quality of the highest degree in our servers. Our streamlined focus on quality starts with our suppliers and continues throughout the entire chain - and into your environment, helping ensure long-term stability.