Why Choose Dell PowerEdge Servers

Why Choose Dell PowerEdge Servers

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Why Choose Dell Servers
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Simplify Operations

Dell Servers

Designed to Reduce Complexity in Your Data Center

Leading systems management

Dell's robust systems-management software and tools - along with tight integration with leading third-party suites - provide a single, flexible management solution across the entire server lifecycle. In addition, strict adherence to industry-standard protocols helps drive greater efficiency for your administrative teams.

Common image and components

Dell delivers unprecedented system commonality with six total system images for our ten currently shipping platforms. In fact, our 9th generation 2 socket servers have had between 7 and 8X less system image changes as compared to HP and IBM combined since June 2006. Component interoperability also helps drive down management costs.
Dell Server Commonality

Tested, certified, and ready-to-deploy configurations

Let Dell take the guesswork out of deployment with tested and proven configurations for leading applications like Microsoft®  Exchange, SQL ServerTM  , Oracle®  database and SAP® .
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Comprehensive infrastructure services

Why not trust the experts at Dell to make your team more efficient? While we focus on infrastructure services for you, your team is freed up to focus on the business needs of your end users.
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