Why Choose Dell PowerEdge Servers

Why Choose Dell PowerEdge Servers

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Why Choose Dell Servers
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Delivering Incredible Value

PowerEdge servers offer the latest high-performance processor, memory, connectivity and storage solutions, enabling IT to do more with less.

Consistently low acquisition costs

How does Dell consistently deliver low acquisition cost without sacrificing quality or performance? Through our industry-leading supply chain and direct business model. We don't cut corners, we cut inefficiencies. Custom configure your server today, and only pay for what you need.

Industry-Leading price/performance

PowerEdge servers offer industry-leading price/performance and performance/watt, helping reduce TCO and optimize your budget. With the first server to break the $1/transaction mark in the TPC-C benchmark*, you can count on Dell to not only deliver outstanding performance, but to deliver it with true value.
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Tiered Dell Enterprise Support

Select the level of support you need to get the most from your datacenter, and free your IT staff for higher value activities. Dell helps shrink management and maintenance costs with tools, solutions and support services, so you can focus on growing your business.
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