The New Dell Precision 390 Workstation

The New Dell Precision 390 Workstation
Precision 390

The New Dell PrecisionTM  390 Workstation
  • Agile workstation performance featuring powerful Intel® processors, versatile graphics and expandable memory
  • Engineered, optimized and ISV certified to run demanding applications gracefully

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Energy Efficient, High Speed Performance Processing

Intel® Dual Core™ Microarchitecture
Through Intel®  CoreTM  Microarchitecture
With the Dell Precision 390 workstation you have a choice of ultra-fast dual-core processors. Combining the benefits of two high-performance execution cores, dual-core processors split tasks and share the workload, enabling the Dell Precision 390 to handle big projects with ease. Run your compute-intensive primary applications comfortably while performing intricate analysis in the background.

High-Performance OpenGL Graphics

Dell Precision Workstations
Superb Graphics for 2D and 3D Applications
With support for a wide variety of graphics cards designed to deliver the industry-leading features that workstation professionals need, the Dell Precision 390 allows you to easily create and display architectural designs, manipulate models or run digital content creation applications fluidly. What's more, the Dell Precision 390 is capable of supporting dual monitor configurations.

Innovative Chassis Design

Dell Precision Workstation 490
Optimized for Flexibility and Scalability
The Dell Precision 390 offers an innovative chassis designed to give you both flexibility and scalability. Set up your workstation either as a tower or as a desktop. The rotating optical drives can be oriented horizontally or vertically for optimal loading and functioning. You choose the best way to optimize your work environment - the 390 makes it easy.

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