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Life Sciences and Medical Imaging

Research scientists and medical professionals have vast, often staggering responsibilities, but one thing remains constant, they all share an unwavering desire to improve human lives.

When often every second counts, they need reliable technology to help reduce time to diagnosis. They need high-resolution graphics and advanced applications to review detailed 3D medical images, exchange ideas in an effort to become even more efficient healers. They need an industry standard workstation that can bring the reality of connecting patient records and images together in one central database that much closer.

Dell Precision workstations were designed with doctors, clinical researchers and specialists to offer high-end performance and features like multi-processing and support for high resolution OpenGL graphics to display detailed 3D images. And because they are non-proprietary, they help join together different technology systems on a unified platform. One that can work optimally with Microsoft Windows environments. Where image processing is important, our workstations' advanced dual-core processors and large memory expansion can offer the performance necessary to render any X-ray, MRI or CT image quickly and accurately.



Few fields are as specialized as healthcare. There are doctors for almost every part of the body, and research scientists for almost every disease. There are legions of nurses, technicians, administrators, forensic investigators, and most important of all, there are the patients. All have an incredibly high stake in the reliability of technology.

Dell Precision workstations are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind to meet those vast demands. And since Dell builds systems to order, you have the ability to custom configure a workstation as specialized as you are. We stay focused on our expertise so you can stay focused on yours, advancing the quality of life.