Dell Precision™Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision™Mobile Workstations
Dell Precision Family of Mobile Workstations

YOU WANT freedom from your desktop workstation.

We heard you. Welcome to our slick new concept for the ultimate Dell Precision mobile workstation, destined to be one of the first of its kind and the envy of all those who thought they had a powerful and cool notebook.

Fully configurable, streamlined and gorgeous. Just think of the options:

  • Dual-core? No, YOU WANT quad-core processing power.
  • 8GB memory limitation? Forget that, YOU WANT more.
  • Storage. A few hundred Gig? YOU WANT a Terabyte and RAID.
  • 17" screen? Yes, but YOU WANT 100% Adobe color gamut RGBLED.
  • 512MB of dedicated graphics memory? No, YOU WANT more.
Stop WANTING. It's here!

Check out the brand new Dell Precision M6400 Mobile Workstation. The special blood orange Dell Precision M6400 Covet Mobile Workstation will be available soon!

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Dell Precision Desktop Workstations
Dell Precision Mobile WorkstationsDell Precision Rack WorkstationDell Precision Desktop Workstations
Dell Precision Mobile Workstations
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Dell Precision Desktop Workstations
The synergy of high performance technologies and compact size. Only power-users need apply.A dual socket 2U rack workstation with high performance graphics and world-class remote access.The most scalable single and dual socket Dell Precision workstations for demanding multi-threaded applications.
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