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Mechanical Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design professionals are under constant pressure to decrease product time to market whether they own a part of the assembly or the whole model.

In this highly competitive market, getting to production quickly can mean significant financial rewards for your company, large or small. A workstation that allows you to run your advanced and demanding applications has got to take advantage of technology in order to keep up with your schedule.

Whether you draw, rotate, shade or render, Dell PrecisionTM workstations offer the latest multi-core processors, high-end graphics, massive memory expansion and hard disk technologies to get you, and your project to the finish line first.

Dell and the Industry

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"The PTC and Dell partnership is dedicated to delivering best in class, standards-based performance for our unique customer environments. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 running on Dell Precision workstations exemplifies this cross-industry standard of excellence for 3D-CAD design. Dell's workstation certification team and strategic technology partnerships help PTC certify and optimize Pro/Engineer on multiple Dell Precision workstation platforms to offer design professionals the right balance between performance, reliability and value."

- John Stuart, Senior VP, Global Partners and Education, Parametric Technology Corporation
"CoCreate's customers are performance conscious. The 64-bit platform, supported with the new OneSpace Designer 2006, offers customers significantly more addressable model space and interaction flexibility, which benefits designers working with assemblies or more complex parts. Using Dell hardware and CoCreate's OneSpace Designer Modeling gives users outstanding large model design and simulation capabilities."

- Ulrich Mahle, Vice President R&D, CoCreate
"SolidWorks users have long turned to Dell Precision workstation solutions. These high-performance engineering workstations can handle the most demanding SolidWorks design challenges and SolidWorks users can now take advantage of the virtually unlimited memory of Dell 64-bit Windows XP workstations to power their large engineering designs."

- Brian Houle, Manager, Solution Partner Program, SolidWorks