Dell Precision Verticals: Software Development Resources

Dell Precision Verticals: Software Development Resources

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MSDN Magazine is the developer's guide to Microsoft tools, development environments, and technologies for Windows and the Web. As part of the indispensable MSDN family of developer resources, MSDN Magazine is the publication to read for up-to-the-minute, comprehensive coverage of Microsoft technologies for the desktop, the Internet, and devices on the go.
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CoDe (Component Developer) Magazine, written by developers for developers, is one of the favourite magazines for developers involved in Microsoft technologies. In-depth articles with practical code samples will satisfy your search for great technical information. Each bi-monthly issue contains detailed explanations of Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework.

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The award-winning Dr. Dobb's Journal (DDJ) is a trusted magazine published for Software Development Managers, Architects and Developers. DDJ presents in-depth articles that span the entire software development lifecycle, including software architecture, project management and the latest techniques in software development, and DDJ.com picks up where DDJ leaves off
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