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Software Development

Software developers are constantly pushing the limits of their system's boundaries. They run new codes that can lock up or loop endlessly. They task processors and memory when compiling new source codes. They use every trick to meet the impossibly tight deadlines of demanding customers or to stay on schedule of their next update or new software release.

Dell Precision workstations are designed from the start to help meet the needs of developers by offering reliable, high performance systems which are certified and optimized for Microsoft®  Windows®  and Red Hat®  Linux®  operating systems and compilers. Dell also offers leading technology like dual-core processors for multitasking and 64bit support for large memory expansion that allows users to develop source and target code for the next gen applications.


Advanced or beginner, in-house or independent, developers everywhere crave speed and memory. It's the same for programmers in business, science or gaming. They need fast processors, immense memory capacity and lots of onscreen real estate to run multiple applications, often on two monitors. And they need it certified reliable by OS partners like Microsoft and Red Hat.

Dell Precision workstations are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind to meet the demanding needs of professionals on the leading edge of this constantly changing industry. And since Dell builds systems to order, you have the ability to custom configure a workstation as unique as you are. We stay focused on our expertise so you can stay focused on yours.


"As long time partners, Microsoft and Dell Precision workstations work together to provide customers with robust, optimized solutions to the programming and deployment of multi-language, multi-cultural, and multi-site scenarios - from Windows to Office to Visual Studio. Together with Dell, we strive to help users of Microsoft products, be they Developers, Architects or Testers, use the rich set of tools at their disposal to tap into emerging markets and increase revenues."

- S. Somasegar, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Developer Division