Converged Networking Solutions from Dell

Converged Networking Solutions from Dell
Converged networking over Ethernet

Converged networking over Ethernet

You're in a race. Every day you're fighting to take the lead over your competitors, and in this age that means you've got to have fast, reliable access to a mountain of data that you've painstakingly gathered over the years. Ethernet may be your common denominator for managing and accessing data-center information, but it might not be the only network in your data center. A converged network over Ethernet is the key to realizing greater success with your customers, partners and suppliers.

With converged networking over Ethernet, you can choose the fabric that works best for your business, and you can change that fabric as your business grows. Converged networking solutions from Dell support Data Center Bridging (DCB) with specific products for small to medium businesses as well as enterprise organizations.

DCB is a set of robust Ethernet standards that have been defined to address the enhanced quality of service demanded for converged networks. Enhanced Ethernet with DCB delivers guaranteed bandwidth with a roadmap that currently foresees 100 Gigabit data transmission in the not too distant future. DCB alternatives also include Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI over DCB, and each of these options can work seamlessly with your legacy systems, including Fibre Channel (FC).

Converged networking over Ethernet

On your way to intelligent data management
With DCB as the foundation for intelligent data management, you can develop cost-effective data management strategies that address business needs as well as network requirements. For instance, you can:
  • Improve performance and support for highly sensitive primary data on an FC network.
  • Incorporate FCoE to help cut FC storage costs and add the flexibility to reroute primary data for disaster recovery or cloud computing expansion.
  • Cost-effectively consolidate management and variable routing for storage optimization, backup and archiving with iSCSI over DCB.

Converged networking over Ethernet

You already have a head start
Converged networking over Ethernet leverages familiar technologies. Both Ethernet and SCSI are common, well-understood transport technologies ubiquitous in most business environments, so most likely you already have the skills to deploy iSCSI over DCB. Since iSCSI provides flexible routing over DCB as well as Ethernet, you can add DCB capabilities to your network one segment at a time on your schedule. What's more, with iSCSI over DCB you can freely interoperate GbE and 10GbE on your existing network. Dell is a leader in iSCSI business solutions with Webcasts, user forums, white papers, blogs and vendor-neutral industry events to help you find the best solutions for your data center.

Converged networking over Ethernet gives you the freedom to plan your data centers based on data relevance, not network topology. Dell has a full portfolio of open, capable and affordable solutions that support intelligent data management for your choice of networking technology. These solutions, including servers, NICs, switches and storage targets, enable you to simplify your data management and storage communications and quickly adapt to changing business needs.

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