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Learn about Tape Storage Technology

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Tape Storage Challenges

Capacity growing at an unmanageable pace
Many organizations tell us they are quickly outgrowing the capabilities of their backup systems due to an accelerating rate of capacity stored. There are multiple ways of dealing with this challenge, including LTO tape technology, storage consolidation, and data archiving, among other things. New LTO tape technology offers tremendous capacity and very high performance characteristics. Storage consolidation can often help capacity and backups to become more manageable. Archiving information help groom primary disk volumes so that less information requires backing up as often.

Backup jobs taking too long
What is your backup window? Generally speaking, a backup window is the amount of time allotted for a backup job to occur so that it has little to no impact on productivity. Because an application must be postponed while a backup occurs, technology has been developed so that backup windows become virtually irrelevant. Snapshots and backup software with 24x7 ‘hot’ agents allow backup jobs to be completed while files and applications are active and in use. Other ways to reduce backup times include LTO tape technology and backup to disk.

Data recovery taking too long
Using a disk-to-disk backup strategy to supplement tape backup can help significantly accelerate recovery times. Additionally, replication software used to protect data that is most active can help organizations cost-effectively match data protection strategies and service level requirements with the value of information at any given time. This tiered data protection strategy enables information to be protected appropriately and cost–effectively.

Inconvenient manual swapping of tape media
Tired of waiting to swap tapes during backups? Tape automation technology alleviates the hassle of manual tape swapping by utilizing robotic mechanisms to automate the exchange of tape media between drives and cartridge slots. Additionally, mistakes caused by user-error can be reduced as the tape system and management software keeps a catalogue of the backup jobs and media stored. Automated tape systems may come equipped with a single drive (autoloader) or multiple drives (library).

Lack of backup skills in remote offices:
Large organizations with remote field offices often do not employ staff members with the technical expertise to backup valuable information. IT organizations headquartered centrally or regionally, can overcome this challenge by establishing a strategy by which information from remote offices is automatically replicated to a central datacenter where IT professionals can oversee and properly manage the backup. Many successful organizations use replication software used in combination with backup and recovery software to solve the remote office backup dilemma.

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