Dell Music & Movies

Dell Music & Movies

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Get great preloaded music and movies while personalizing your new Dell PC.

Dell’s bundles have been selected to give you a great mix of music and movies. Music compilations start at $25 for a 50 song bundle, $45 for a 100 song bundle, or $75 for a 200 song bundle. Blockbuster movie bundle 3, 4, and 5 packs from some of the hottest titles start at only $25.

Start enjoying your favorite music and movies as soon as you get your new Dell.

Featured Music Bundles

The 80sThe 90sDivas
#1s SongsRock TitansMotown

Bundle Playlists

Click on playlist to view complete music and movie listings
Hits of the 60sWatchmen Collection
Hits of the 70sCritics Picks & Fan Favorites
Hits of the 80sGreat Oscar Nominees
Hits of the 90sUnderworld Collection
Divas, Divas, DivasJohn Hughes Collection
Now Music 30Jason Statham Collection
Now MusicBill Murray Collection
Country HitsThe Harry Potter Collection
Motown HitsThe Jack Ryan Collection
#1 SongsLethal Weapon Collection
The ClassicsTales of Despereaux
FreshmenFamily Guy: Stewie Griffin Six Pack
Rock TitansFamily Guy: Peter Griffin Six Pack
Sweatbands & LeotardsWill Smith A-List Collection
The Best of Monty Python
The Dark Knight and Batman Begins plus bonus content
Comedy Collection
Iron Man Movie with bonus content
The Matrix Trilogy and Animatrix
The Godfather Trilogy
Nickelodeon Collection
Romantic Comedy Collection
Spider-Man Trilogy

Simplify Your Digital Experience

Dell Dock

Located on your PC's desktop, simply click on the Music or Video icon located in the Dell Dock. You’ll be watching your movie or listening to your new music compilation instantly.

All songs are in open MP3 format. This means you can play your songs on any PC or load them to your portable music device including iPods, Zune, Sansa or your favorite MP3 player.

Movies are delivered in Windows Media format. Watch on your computer, or on your TV by using a Windows Media Extender such as Xbox 360 or Slingbox. You can also connect your PC directly to your TV through an HDMI or VGA cable.

movie player

Download more with Dell / CinemaNow Media Manager. Get it now!

Download More Movies

When you’re ready for more movies on your new Dell PC, simply
visit https://dell.cinemanow.com, to browse thousands of titles.
Start watching in minutes.