Dell Hardware-Based Encryption

Dell Hardware-Based Encryption

When a data breach occurs, organizations can lose money, productivity and customer trust. Any organization can be at risk of a data breach. Whether it is employee information or customer information, virtually every company has some level of exposure to the loss of sensitive data.

Strong data encryption can protect your data from unauthorized access and can help you address federal and state privacy requirements. Whether it’s software-based or hardware-based, Dell helps you find a data encryption solution that can protect private information stored on your computer hard drive.

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Hardware-based full-disk encryption is designed to provide superior protection and performance as compared to software encryption. Your entire drive is encrypted – not just certain folders or files. Encryption keys are securely stored in the hard drive electronics, never in system memory or on the drive platters. Data is encrypted as fast as the drive can write without using your system’s microprocessor, so system performance is not impacted. Our central management console can ensure your data policies are always applied and cannot be changed by end-users. Further, it can back-up keys so that forgetful end-users won’t lose access to their encrypted data.

Hardware-based encryption can save you time and effort. Your DellTM  system will arrive with data already encrypted, and you will never have to decrypt and re-encrypt the drive for system maintenance. When you dispose of the system, management software can easily destroy authentication keys leaving the drive ready for secure disposal.

For new system purchases Dell recommends hardware-based data encryption in combination with best practices to provide you with a secure and compliant, yet easy-to-manage data protection solution.

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In 2007, Dell led the market with the launch of a hardware-based full disk encryption solution, featuring centralized management software. This solution provided customers with more robust protection than traditional software-based encryption.

In this day and age, your organization cannot afford a data breach. If you’re looking for more robust data encryption that is easy to deploy and manage, Dell has a solution for you.

Contact your Dell sales representative at 1-866-563-7402 for more information on how you can evaluate Dell's hardware-based encryption solutions for a limited time with no cost or obligation to you.

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