Why Dell Custom Business Desktops, PC, and Workstations computers

Why Dell Custom Business Desktops, PC, and Workstations computers

Why Dell Desktops

Dell offers a broad range of custom built computers from systems exclusively designed for small businesses to fully certified mobile workstations to fit your needs and budget enabling you to get all your systems from a single vendor and reduce complexity. Regardless of your requirements you can rest assured that your customized Dell system uses the highest quality components for reliable performance. Dell offers everything from AMD Athlon or Intel processors to top grade graphics cards and internal memory. Dell also offers top quality peripherals such as a Dell Projector to help with presentations, a 3DConnexion pen and tablet or an external mouse for better productivity, Belkin Inc. 4 Port USB adaptors for connectivity, or increased storage with My Book storage and backup units.

Here is why you should choose a new custom computer from Dell:

VostroTM  – Built for Small Business

Dell Vostro custom desktop PC solutions are designed exclusively with features to simplify the technology challenges of small business. Vostrodelivers reliable performance backed by exceptional Dell support – all at a great value.

  • No unwanted trial ware. Fitted only with the software you want.
  • Telephone support from specially trained small business technicians.
  • Outstanding Dell reliability and hassle-free technology work overtime for small business.
  • Security options help protect your system and data from unauthorized system access, malicious software attacks and loss of important data that can cripple your business.
Business Desktops/Vostro Tower Desktop with Flat Panel Monitor
Dell Business Desktops/OptiPlex Business DesktopOptiPlexTM  – Business without Boundaries, Manageability without Compromise

  • For over many years, OptiPlex has provided relevant custom technology to millions of business desktop users.
Our Most Manageable
  • Planned with stability in mind with 60 to 90 day managed transitions & stable processor choices. Long lifecycles allow customers to take advantage of their direct relationship with Dell to help ensure a well-planned transition.
  • Easy to deploy and update with our flexible remote management hardware and tools. Customers can run their IT better and have greater control with flexible hardware options and scalable management software. Built-in, standards-based management
Our Most Serviceable
  • Easy to service tool-less chassis design. Tool-less components make it easy to replace or upgrade parts
  • Diagnose issues faster with OptiPlex DirectDetect lights. One of the industry’s easiest to use static diagnostic status health indicator lights, on the front of the chassis
Green Features
  • Productivity and power savings in a proven, customized, reliable design. Dell Energy Smart is our unique approach to energy efficient computing which includes hardware, software, tools, and industry partnerships.
  • Dell factory-enabled Energy Smart software settings put your system into a low-energy sleep state after 15 minutes of inactivity. Remote power policy management software delivers even greater energy savings.
  • Efficient hardware options include 80PLUS®  power supplies, ENERGY STAR®  4.0 and EPEATTM Gold configurations
  • Efficient Dell BTX design and HyperCoolTM  thermal-management technology help save energy and boost reliability
Custom Business Computers, PC and Workstations
Vostro – ideal for small businesses with simple networks
  • Available in several models
  • Customizable and expandable Intel processor and memory
  • Easily handles basic needs with great processing power
  • Optimal graphics performance if required
  • Space saving small and slim sizes as well as tower size
  • Great for any budget
OptiPlex – ideal for productivity and networks
  • Available in 3 models
  • Highly energy efficient system
  • Advanced graphics capabilities
  • Choice of AMD or Intel processors available on some models
  • Customizable memory and storage capacity
Dell PrecisionTM  Workstations – ideal for power hungry applications
  • Available in 3 models
  • Dual Xeon processors available on some models
  • Quad monitor support available on some models
  • Choice of AMD or Intel processors available on some models