Ordinateur portable Alienware M17x

intel® core™

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L'ordinateur portable de jeu 17 pouces le plus puissant au monde.

  • Système d'exploitation: Windows 8
  • Performances de jeux d'ordinateur de bureau dans un format mobile
  • Carte graphique NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 285M disponible
  • Maintenant disponible avec le processeur mobile Intel® Core™ i7 940XM Extreme Edition

Ordinateur portable Alienware M17x

Ordinateur portable Alienware M17x

Alienware M17x Laptop

Dominate the Horde

When your opponents swarm down like locusts, the Alienware M17x laptop gives you the firepower for all-out extermination. The most powerful Intel® mobile processor available, ATI CrossFireX™ dual-graphics processing unit (GPU) graphics and Alienware’s dramatic industrial design deliver the ultimate high-definition mobile gaming and entertainment experience. Strike fear in your enemies and taste sweet victory.

Speed Is Survival
Any hesitation means almost-certain death. Power through the most hard-core games and intense applications with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 and Core™ i5 processors featuring Intel® Turbo Boost Technology for dynamic, on-the-fly overclocking.
Graphics to Be Reckoned With

Graphics to Be Reckoned With

You’re only as good as your GPU. If you want your games cranked up to max settings with ultra-fast frame rates, the Alienware M17x now offers up to a full one teraflop of sheer graphics power with ATI CrossFireX™ . Experience incredible scalability, performance and compatibility while obtaining desktop-quality imagery.

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— With Alienware’s BinaryGFX technology, users have the ability to switch between discrete or integrated graphics.

Stealth Mode
— While in Stealth Mode, discrete graphics cards are turned off and other components throttle down to achieve a 65W power limit.Alienware M17x Laptop
Alienware M17x Laptop

Your Command Center

Alienware Command Center provides intuitive, user-friendly access to exclusive applications and controls, including AlienFX® lighting effects software and AlienFusion power management system. Updates and new releases download directly into Command Center, creating a constantly evolving tool for modifying and personalising your M17x.

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AlienSense — This facial recognition software identifies numerous distinguishing features, utilising the M17x’s webcam to read and verify biometric measurements that cannot be faked or stolen like a typed password.

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Alienware M17x LaptopAlienware M17x Laptop
Alienware M17x Laptop keyboard and touch pad

Powerfully Unique Design

Power isn’t only on the inside of the Alienware M17x. Protect your world with Alienware’s all-new, anodized aluminum case design with aggressive lines and in-your-face attitude that can manage your thermals and look good doing it. And you can personalise your machine with a choice of two colour options: Metallic Silver or Metallic Black.

QuickTouch system control pad
— Run your fingers above the keyboard on your M17x and you won’t feel a thing. Your laptop, however, will. The Alienware QuickTouch control pad uses touch-capacitive sensors to access and manage power and volume controls, Bluetooth® and wireless connectivity and Command Center and Stealth Mode launch functions. Illuminated by the dramatic AlienFX lighting control system, QuickTouch renders mechanical buttons and control knobs obsolete.
Alienware M17x Laptop display with Alienware head
Stunning Display — See bolder colours on the 43 cm (17") widescreen LCD display. Featuring a dual CCFL back-lit LCD with higher brightness, the Alienware M17x will display more detailed, higher-quality imagery than single CCFL displays. And with an 8-ms response time, ghosting will be a thing of the past.

— The 2.0-megapixel webcam and digital microphone array lets you broadcast across the web, while wireless capabilities have you up and running anytime, anywhere.
Alienware M17x Laptop nameplate
Anodized aluminum — Sophistication. Protection. Durability. Alienware M17x’s case design combines a long life span with naturally textured beauty that can withstand normal wear and tear. Considering the amount of gaming power the M17x pumps out, a case that can manage thermals efficiently and has plenty of strength to protect everything inside is essential. The M17x’s anodized aluminum case design boasts aggressive lines and an in-your-face attitude.
Alienware M17x Laptop ports
Alienware M17x Laptop - Simple and Smart Services

Carte vidéo

  • M17x Core i7

    Single / Dual - 1GB ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4870

    M17x Core2Duo

    Single 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260M*

    SLITM Dual 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260M*

    SLITM Dual 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280M*


  • M17x Core i7

    17-inch WideXGA+ 1440 x 900 - Beyond HD (900p) - Dual CCFL

    17-inch WideUXGA 1920 x 1200 - Beyond HD (1200p) - Dual CCFL

    17-inch WideUXGA 1920 x 1200 - Beyond HD (1200p) - RGB LED

    M17x Core2Duo

    17-inch WideXGA+ 1440 x 900 - (900p) LCD

    17-inch WideUXGA 1920 x 1200 - (1200p) LCD

Son et haut-parleurs

  • Son surround 5.1 haute définition intégré

Lecteur optique

  • Graveur de DVD double couche à chargement par fente
    Lecteur combo Blu-ray double couche à chargement par fente
    Graveur Blu-ray double couche à chargement par fente


  • Batterie

    Batterie lithium-ion à 9 cellules

Sans fil

  • Cartes réseau

    Technologie MIMO a/g/Draft-n 2x2
    Intel® Ultimate N WiFi Link 6300 avec technologie MIMO a/g/Draft-n 3x3

    Lecteur de carte

    Lecteur de carte intégré 8 en 1

Ports, emplacements et châssis

  • Ports

    4 ports USB 2.0 haut débit
    1 port combo eSATA/USB 2.0 (port 2 en 1) avec PowerShare
    Lecteur de cartes mémoire 8 en 1
    Port IEEE 1394a (4 broches)
    Emplacement ExpressCard
    DisplayPort, HDMI™ , VGA - Sortie vidéo
    Connecteur de sortie audio pour haut-parleurs avant/prise jack pour casque
    Connecteur de sortie audio pour haut-parleur central et caisson de basse/prise jack pour casque
    Connecteur de sortie audio surround arrière
    Entrée audio/prise jack pour microphone
    Deux haut-parleurs avant intégrés

    Couleurs disponibles

    Aluminum anodisé - Gris lunaire
    Aluminum anodisé – Noir cosmique
    Aluminum anodisé – Rouge nébuleux

    Option de tuners TV

    Tuner TV numérique USB

    Performances RAID 1

    500 Go à 7 200 tr/min (2 x 500 Go)
    320 Go à 7 200 tr/min (2 x 320 Go)

    Performances RAID 0

    RAID 0 : 320 Go à 7 200 tr/min (2 x 160 Go)
    RAID 0 : 640 Go à 7 200 tr/min (2 x 320 Go)
    RAID 0 : 1 To à 7 200 tr/min (2 x 500 Go)
    RAID 0 : disque dur SSD de 256 Go (2 x 128 Go)
    RAID 0 : disque dur SSD de 512 Go (2 x 256 Go)


    Hauteur : de 51,31 mm à 53,59 mm de l’avant vers l'arrière
    Largeur : 405,89 mm
    Profondeur : 321,31 mm
    Poids : à partir de 5,3 kg* (11,68 livres)

    * Les poids varient en fonction de la variabilité de la configuration et de la fabrication.

    Fonctionnalités personnalisées

    Plaque gravée au laser

Respect des réglementations

  • P01E
    P01E001, P01E002
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