Helping transform central government service delivery.

Helping transform central government service delivery.

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With a large dedicated team of government specialists, the Dell strategy is unique in the sector, based on a focus on practical innovation, efficient and affordable solutions and a superior customer relationship model. This in-depth experience combines with proven Dell capabilities to help departments move away from siloed legacy systems that stifle innovation. This is achieved by addressing four key customer imperatives:

  • Transform - Move away from underperforming or outdated platforms and embrace new technologies.
  • Connect - Empower a more mobile workforce, with anytime, anywhere, any device access.
  • Inform - Turn new and stored data into usable information and insight.
  • Protect - Counter security threats without compromising compliance requirements.
Dell government solutions cover from the traditional management of hardware and software to mission enablement, operational flexibility and effective cost control.

What we offer

The Dell approach, Fluid Data, is based on an architecture designed to automatically optimize data wherever it is held, providing high efficiency and availability without hidden lifecycle costs. utilizing a combination of industry-leading software technologies, Fluid Data underpins the entire Dell data management portfolio, with management and storage solutions that cover all aspects of the data lifecycle and that can be tailored to fit the needs of any government department, whether small, mid-sized or at enterprise level.

All Dell solutions are based on industry standard protocols, are scalable both horizontally and vertically and will continue to develop and innovate as data management requirements grow.
Our unique position of being cloud independent with consultancy skills tuned to transformational change, combined with the necessary technology assets and IP, enables us to navigate government departments to the cloud in a pragmatic, results-based fashion.
Dell cloud services and cloud products cover a wide range of areas:
  • Consultancy and feasibility consulting
  • Open source cloud infrastructure
  • Virtual desktop from the cloud
  • Cloud backup and data storage services
  • Cloud security
  • Identity software for cloud authentication
  • Multi-cloud management software

For Dell, every successful shared service starts with initial scoping and design. The service provides assessment, scope and design engagements with shared services environments that include impact assessments, feasibility studies and decision support reports. The approach allows senior managers to understand the impacts, costs, risks and benefits of a shared service prior to committing.
Dell government solutions leverage key technologies, including unified communications, collaboration, mobility, identity and access management, cloud and virtual desktop, to deliver a solution that creates a connected workplace designed to reflect the needs of all stakeholders.
Only Dell offers a combination of consulting security services and a technology portfolio that covers network, identity and access management, data encryption, endpoint security and security managed services. As a result, our connected security framework works across your all departments, enabling you to protect it from the outside-in and the inside-out.
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