Dell Wyse Thin Client Desktop 3000 Series — Strong Desktop Performance on a Budget

Windows 10
intel core

Simplified performance.

Efficient, easy-to-use thin client, from the entry-level 3010-T10 and 3050-T50 to the highly capable dual core 3012-T10D for cost-effective virtual desktop sites.

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Legend: S = Standard AO = Additional Option N/A = Not Applicable

PerformanceWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Operating SystemWyse ThinOS™Wyse ThinOS™Ubuntu Linux
ProcessorMarvell® ARMADA™ Dual Core PXA2128 1.2 GHz system-on-chip (SoC)Marvell® ARMADA™ PXA 510 v7 1.0 GHz system-on-chip (SoC)Marvell ARMADA PXA 510 v7 1.0 GHz system-on-chip (SoC)
Memory4GB Flash / 2GB RAM DDR30MB Flash / 1GB RAM DDR31GB Flash / 1GB RAM DDR3
PowerWorldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Energy Star V5.0
Phase V external and EuP compliant power adapter
Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Energy Star V5.0.
Phase V external and EuP compliant power adapter
Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Energy Star V5.0.
Phase V external and EuP compliant power adapter
Power consumptionUnder 10 wattsUnder 7 WattsUnder 7Watts
SecurityBuilt-in Kensington security slot (cable sold separately)Built-in Kensington security slot (cable sold separately)Built-in Kensington security slot (cable sold separately)
CertificationsWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
(Based on US ratings)
Citrix Ready,
Citrix HDX Ready,
imprivata Ready,
RemoteFX Enabled,
Wyse vWorkspace Ready
Citrix Ready,
Citrix HDX Ready,
VMware Ready
Citrix Ready
I/O peripheral supportWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
One DVI-I port, DVI to VGA (DB-15) adapter includedSSS
One DVI-D port SN/AN/A
Dual display support with optional DVI-I to DVI-D plus VGA-monitor splitter cable (sold separately)N/ASS
Four USB 2.0 portsSSS
SD Card SlotN/AN/AS
NetworkingWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernetsss
Optional wirelessOptional internal wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual radio and dual antenna @ 300 Mbps Optional internal wireless 802.11 b/g/nOptional internal wireless 802.11b/g/n
DisplayWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
VESA monitor support with Display Data Control (DDC) for automatic setting of resolution and refresh rateSSS
Single monitor1920x1200@60Hz; color depth: 8, 16, 25, or 32 bpp 1920x1200@60Hz; color depth: 32 bpp1920x1200@60Hz; color depth: 24 bpp
Dual monitors1920x1200@60Hz; color depth: 8, 16, 25, or 32 bpp Up To 1920x1200@60Hz; color depth: 32 bppUp To 1920x1080@60Hz; color depth: 24 bpp
AudioWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Output: 1/8-inch mini jack, full 16-bit stereo, 48KHz sample rateSSS
Input: 1/8-inch mini jack, 8-bit microphoneSSS
Composite audio jack: 1/8-inch mini, 16-bit stereoSN/AN/A
DimensionsWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Height x Width x Depth35mm x 176mm x 21 mm (1.38 inch x 6.94 inches x 4.75 inches)25mm x 177mm x 119 mm (1 inch x 6.9 inches x 4.69 inches)25mm x 177mm x 119 mm (1 inch x 6.9 inches x 4.69 inches)
Weight0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)450 g (1 lb)451 g (1 lb)
MountingsWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Horizontal stand and VESA/wall mountingSSS
Vertical standAOAOAO
Temperature RangeWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Horizontal position10° to 35° C (50° to 95° F)10° to 35° C (50° to 95° F)10° to 35° C (50° to 95° F)
Vertical position, button up10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F)10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F)10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F)
Storage-10° to 60° C (14° to 140° F)-10° to 60° C (14° to 140° F)-10° to 60° C (14° to 140° F)
HumidityWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Condensing20% to 80%20% to 80%20% to 80%
Non-condensing10% to 95%10% to 95%10% to 95%
IncludedWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Enhanced USB keyboard with Windows Keys (104 keys) included in the U.S. and sold separately outside the U.S. (availability varies by region).SSS
USB optical mouse is included.SSS
WarrantyWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
3-year limited hardware warrantySSS
Product evaluationWyse 3012-T10DWyse 3010-T10Wyse 3050-T50
Product available for evaluation?*YesYesYes

Regulatory Information:

Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheets
Dell Regulatory Compliance Home Page
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Dell Wyse 3000 series - easy to use and manage

Easy to use and manage

Build out a simple or vast virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and stay within your budget using Wyse 3000 series thin clients. This easy-to-use family of clients for Citrix®, Microsoft®, VMware® or Wyse vWorkspace environments includes the 3010-T10 and 3012-T10D with virus-immune Wyse ThinOS and the 3050-T50 with Wyse enhanced Ubuntu™ Linux®. All offer vibrant multimedia performance, single or dual core (3012-T10D) System-on-Chip (SoC) processors and hands-off Wyse Automated Management capability.
Dell Wyse 3000 series - exceptional functionality

Exceptional functionality

Empower your team with enterprise-class thin clients on an entry-level budget. 3000 series thin clients feature a wealth of premium Wyse cloud client features, and unlike traditional budget clients, the 3010-T10, 3012-T10D and 3050-T50 are ready to connect to almost any environment, including web-based applications and services.

3000 series thin clients can quickly process virtually any daily task with the powerful single core (3010-T10 and 3050-T50) or dual core (3012-T10D) Marvell ARMADA PXA 1.0GHz SoC. A built-in hardware media processor helps deliver smooth imagery, bi-directional audio and flash playback performance. Moreover, the 3012-T10D offers even greater functionality with support for up to two digital displays, a dual-band WiFi option and Microsoft RemoteFX certification for high-end graphics.
Dell Wyse 3000 series - environmentally conscious for long-term value

Environmentally-conscious for long-term value

Designed for cost-effective virtual desktop deployments, the Wyse 3000 series thin clients deliver great value from day one with minimal initial investment and power-efficient operation that help lower your cost of ownership. Additionally, Dell practices environmentally aware design with an ISO 14001-based environmental management system and WEEE recycling processes. All Wyse products meet stringent RoHS requirements and EPEAT compliance.*

Essential accessories for your Wyse 3012-T10D thin clients

Complete your 3012-T10D purchase and virtual desktop deployment with accessories recommended to enhance team productivity. Look for these great products and more at checkout.

Dell 23 Monitor - E2314H

Dell 23 Monitor – E2314H

Catch every little detail in Full HD-brilliance. Only Dell monitors are tested and verified with Dell Wyse cloud clients.
Dell Smartcard Keyboard - KB813

Dell Smartcard Keyboard – KB813

Secure user access and protect sensitive data with an integrated smartcard reader.
Dell Laser USB 6-Button Mouse

Dell Laser USB 6-Button Mouse

Add a new level of comfort and control to your computing experience.