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Centralised storage, file sharing and storage consolidation with iSCSI and Fibre Channel technology

Dell Compellent FS8600

Dell Compellent FS8600

Enterprise-class scale-out NAS with competitive TCO, up to 4PB in a single file system & over 20PB in a single global namespace.

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Unified storage for enterprise project and file sharing, industry use cases like medical imaging, media and entertainment, and higher ed.


CPU per controller
Dual Intel E5620 4 core / 12MB L3/ 80W / 2.4GHz


Capacity scalability
Up to 4PB usable file capacity per NAS cluster, regardless of controller cluster size (requires multiple Storage Centers to reach max capacity)

Cluster scalability
Up to 4 FS8600 appliances (8 controllers) in a single NAS cluster


8Gb FC configuration options
Frontend and interconnect traffic (two options):
1GbE: (2) Intel 1GbE quad-port NICs per controller, copper only, RJ-45
10GbE: (2) Intel 10GbE dual-port NICs per controller, copper/optical, SFP+ standards

Backend: (1) QLogic dual-port FC HBA per controller, SFP+ standards

Switch is required; direct connect to the SAN is not supported

10Gb iSCSI configuration options

Frontend: (1) Intel 10GbE dual-port NIC per controller, copper/optical, SFP+ standards

Backend and interconnect: (1) Intel 10GbE dual-port NIC per controller, copper/optical, SFP+ standards

Switch is required; direct connect to the SAN is not supported; upgrades from FC to iSCSI or vice versa are not supported

Product Configurations

FS8600 with FluidFS version 6 Specifications

Storage arrays supported
SCv2080, SC4020, SC7020, SC8000 and SC9000 controllers
SCOS 6.5.3 or newer; Dell Storage Manager 2016 R3.1 or newer

Technical Highlights

NFS v3 file protocol support
NFS over UDP and TCP, Kerberos 5 security options, UTF8 and ASCII support, NLM

NFS v4 file protocol support
Kerberos 5 security options, UTF8 and ASCII support, pseudo file system, locking, share modes and access control lists (ACLs)

NFS 4.1 file protocol support
Core features (no pNFS support), Kerberos 5 security options

SMB file protocol support
SMB 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1
Persistent file handles, SMB BranchCache, SMB sparse files, persistent file handles, continuous availability, SMB signing and encryption (MD5, HMAC-SHA-256, SMB 3 AES), large MTU, file leases and oplocks

Network protocols
Full support for client IPv6 and IPv4 connections, including load balancing mechanism and access control for NFS exports, LACP

NAS volumes
Max NAS volumes per NAS cluster: 1,024
Max NAS volume size: as large as the file system

Max number of CIFS shares per system: 1,024
Max number of NFS mounts/exports per system: 1,024

Concurrent active CIFS connections
Max for single appliance: 30,000 (for 48GB appliances)
Max for a 4-appliance cluster: 120,000
("active" defined as clients engaging in I/O in the last 15 minutes)

User authentication
For SMB clients: Kerberos 5 and NTLM v2 on Microsoft Active Directory Server; for NFS v4, 4.1 clients: Kerberos 5 Multitenancy support for different Active Directory forests per tenant

Directory and name services
Windows SMB and NFS clients: Microsoft® Active Directory® 2003, 2003R2, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016; Linux/UNIX clients: NIS, LDAP, DNS

Max quotas
Max quota rules per volume: 1,024 
Max user quotas per system: 1,024 

Local users
Max number of local users per cluster: 100
Max number of local groups per cluster: 100

Max number of directories per appliance: 32 billion
Max number of directories per 4-appliance cluster: 128 billion
Max number of files in a directory: 1 million
Max directory depth: 255

Max file size: 128TB
Max number of files per appliance: Unlimited
Max number of files per 4-appliance cluster: Unlimited
Max file name length: 255 bytes

Redirect-on-write snapshots and thin volume cloning
Max number of snapshots per NAS volume: 10,000
Max number of snapshots per FS8600 system: 100,000
Max number of snapshot policies per system: 1,024

Asynchronous to peer FS8600 appliance(s), (client network speeds and array configurations can vary)
Max number of replication partners (or destinations): 100
Max number of replication policies per FS8600 system: 1,024
Max number of simultaneous volume replications: 10 outgoing, 100 incoming
Max volumes enabled for replication: 1,024

Support for 1:N and cascading replication

NDMP backup
Certified Remote or three-way NDMP over Ethernet ports; direct or two-way NDMP over Fibre Channel ports. Quest NetVault Backup 9; CommVault Simpana 9.x; Symantec NetBackup 7.x and Backup Exec 2010R3 and 2012, EMC Networker 8.0

ICAP antivirus
Certified with Symantec ScanEngine 5.2 and Protection Engine 7.0; McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8 and Enterprise for Storage 1.0.2; Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.0; TrendMicro InterScan Web Security
Suite 3.1

Thin provisioning
File-level and block-level NAS volume- or file system-level thin provisioning to oversubscribe the file system capacity visible to users

Data reduction
Post-process policy-based variable block (128KB +/- 64KB) data deduplication and LZPS compression configured per NAS volume


Dell Storage Manager, FluidFS v5 CLI, PowerShell, RESTful API, SNMP, MMC


Form factor

8.64 cm (3.4 in)

44.63 cm (17.6 in) (does not include rack flange)

81.30 cm (32.0 in) (includes bezel and controllers installed)

69.5 lbs. (31.5 kg)

Rack support
ReadyRails II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded-hole racks


Primary power supply
2 PSUs per appliance

Backup power supply
1 battery per controller, 2 batteries per appliance

Input voltage
90-264 VAC

Output wattage

Heat dissipation
2446 BTU/hr

Line frequency
47-63 Hz

10.5Amp at 90 VAC steady state, 5.2Amp at 180 VAC steady state

Environmental Operating Conditions

Operating: 10° to 40°C
Non-operating: -40°C to 70°C

Relative Humidity
Operating: 8% to 85% non-condensing
Non-operating: 5% to 95% non-condensing

Maximum Vibration
Operating: 0.26 GRMS (5-350Hz @ 0.0002G2/Hz for 5 minutes)
Non-operating: 1.88 GRMS @ 10-500 Hz


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