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PowerConnect™ 5448 為客戶帶來顯著的價格/效能優勢。 PowerConnect 5448 除提供安全、高效能的網路平台,並具備多項進階網路管理功能外,更為全球首部可自行針對 iSCSI 儲存資訊流量最佳化的交換器。 這些功能使網路管理員能更有效地針對網路流量,進行最佳化與安全防護。

戴爾 PowerConnect 5448

PowerConnect-5448 交換器


The PowerConnect 5448 delivers 48 ports of wire-speed, Gigabit Ethernet with advanced security and enterprise management features to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Providing 96 Gbps for switching capacity and 71.2 Mbps forwarding rate, the PowerConnect provides ample performance for server aggregation, wiring closets and iSCSI storage. Combo ports (4 ports of either SFP Fiber support or 10/100/1000 Copper support) provide for connectivity flexibility and long-haul connections.

iSCSI Optimisation

The PowerConnect 5400-series is the world’s first switch portfolio to automatically optimise itself for iSCSI storage. The switches automatically detect whether traffic flows are iSCSI-based and if so assigns that traffic flow a high-level of quality of service. This helps ensure that iSCSI storage traffic is prioritised in the event of resource contention. The 5400-series also provides information about all active iSCSI sessions to allow for easier management and optimisation. 


The PowerConnect 5448 offers multiple options and levels of security. Industry-standard features include SSH/SSL Management Encryptions, DHCP Snooping, IP and MAC Based ACLs access password protection and Port-based MAC Address alert and lock-down. Higher level security is provided through RADIUS remote authentication for switch management access, 802.1x Authentication and TACACS+, Management access filtering via Management Access Profiles.

Quality of Service

Supports open industry standards including quality of service (L3-aware), multicast support, link aggregation, and dynamic VLAN configurations.

VoIP Functionality

Voice-VLAN functionality helps ensure VoIP traffic is prioritised in the event of resource contention. LLDP-Med provides detailed network topology information, emergency call service via IP Phone location information, and troubleshooting information.


PowerConnect provides numerous management options including an industry-standard CLI, remote management using an embedded web server or support for SNMP-based management applications.

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