PowerEdge 11G R510 機架式伺服器詳細資料

intel® xeon™


雙插槽 2U 機架式伺服器,在內接儲存、備援,以及價值之間取得最佳平衡。 適合遠端站台及大型企業部門使用,或是作為中小企業的核心業務應用程式伺服器。

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PowerEdge R510 機架式伺服器





PowerEdge R530 伺服器

PowerEdge R530

  • 官方售價 HK$114,123 起




  • 最多可配備 2 個 Quad-Core 或 Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® 5500 及 5600 系列處理器


  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012
    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials
    Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server 2011
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2,x86/x64 (x64 包括 Hyper-V®)
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1,x64 (包括 Hyper-V v2)
    Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 R2
    Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
    Citrix® XenServer®
    透過 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 提供 Microsoft Hyper-V
    VMware® vSphere® ESX™ 和 ESXi™
    Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization®


  • 最高至 128GB (16 個 DIMM 插槽*) 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB DDR3 800 MHz、1066 MHz或 1333 MHz。
    16GB* 四面 1066MHz DIMM (適用於 8 及 12 台硬碟) - 支援 LVDIMM。


  • 4 台硬碟機箱:最多可配備 4 台接線 3.5 吋 SAS 或 SATA 硬碟機
    8 台硬碟機箱:最多可配備 8 台熱交換 2.5 吋/3.5 吋 SAS、SATA 或 SSD 硬碟機
    12 台硬碟機箱:最多可配備 12 台熱交換 2.5 吋/3.5 吋 SAS、SATA 或固態硬碟,以及 2 台額外的 2.5 吋內部接線硬碟


  • 4 台及 8 台硬碟機箱
    高 3.40 x 寬 17.19 x 深 24.00 (吋)
    高 86.4 x 寬 436.6 x 深 609.6 (公釐)

    12 台硬碟機箱
    高 3.42 x 寬 17.53 x 深 26.17 (吋)
    高 86.7 x 寬 445.2 x 深 664.6 (公釐)


    滑動式 ReadyRails™ 適用於 4 柱式機架,固定式 ReadyRails™ 適用於 4 柱式與 2 柱式機架;支援使用選購的接線管理機臂


  • 熱插拔硬碟、備援電源、ECC 記憶體、Quad-Pack LED 或 LCD 螢幕 (視機箱而定)


  • 4 台硬碟組態:

    非備援 480W 電源

    8 及 12 台硬碟組態:

    750W 備援及非備援熱插拔電源

RAID 控制器

  • 內接:

    PERC H200 (6Gb/s)
    PERC H700 (6Gb/s) 配備 512MB 非揮發性快取記憶體
    PERC H700 (6Gb/s) 配備 512MB 電池供電快取記憶體;512MB、1G 非揮發性電池供電快取記憶體
    SAS 6/iR
    PERC 6/i 配備 256MB 電池供電快取記憶體
    PERC S100 (以軟體為基礎,適用於 4 台硬碟組態)
    PERC S300 (以軟體為基礎,適用於 4 台或 8 台硬碟組態)


    PERC H800 (6Gb/s) 配備 512MB 非揮發性快取記憶體
    PERC H800 (6Gb/s) 配備 512MB 電池供電快取記憶體;512MB、1G 非揮發性電池供電快取記憶體
    PERC 6/E 配備 256MB 或 512MB 電池供電快取記憶體

    外接 HBA (非 RAID):

    6Gbps SAS HBA
    SAS 5/E HBA


  • Intel 5500 晶片組


  • 熱插拔硬碟選項
    2.5 吋 SAS SSD、SATA SSD、SAS (10K)
    3.5 吋 SAS (15K、10K)、Nearline SAS (7.2K)、SATA (7.2K)


    2.5 吋 SATA SSD、SAS (10K)、Nearline SAS (7.2K)
    3.5 吋 SAS (15K、10K)、Nearline SAS (7.2K)、SATA (7.2K)


    8TB 至 24.6TB (視機箱而定)

    有關 Dell 外部儲存選項的更多資訊,請參閱 Dell.com/Storage


  • 4 個 PCIe G2 插槽:

    1 個 x8 插槽
    2 個 x4 插槽 (皆含 x8 連接器)
    1 個儲存 x4 插槽 (含 x8 連接器)


  • 1 個雙連接埠 Broadcom 5716 Gigabit NIC


  • Dell™ OpenManage™
    符合 BMC、IPMI2.0 規範
    生命週期控制器可透過以下選購產品啟用:iDRAC6 Express、iDRAC6 Enterprise 與 vFlash

內嵌 Hypervisor (選購)

  • VMware® vSphere™ 4.1 (including VMware ESX® 4.1 or VMware ESXi™ 4.1)


  • Intel 10G Base-T 單連接埠 NIC
    Broadcom® BMC5771 10 Base-T 銅線單連接埠 NIC
    Intel PRO/1000 PT 單連接埠配接卡,Gigabit 乙太網路 NIC,PCIe x1
    Intel PRO/1000 PT 雙連接埠伺服器配接卡,Gigabit,銅線,PCIe x4
    Intel Gigabit ET 雙連接埠配接卡,Gigabit 乙太網路 NIC,PCIe x4
    Intel® 乙太網路 X520 DA2 雙連接埠 10 Gigabit 伺服器配接卡
    Broadcom® NetXtreme™ 5709 雙連接埠 Gigabit 乙太網路 NIC,銅線,含 TOE PCIe x4
    Broadcom® NetXtreme™ 5709 雙連接埠 Gigabit 乙太網路 NIC,銅線,含 TOE/iSCSI PCIe x4
    Broadcom® NetXtreme™ II 57711 雙連接埠 SFP+/直接附加 10Gb 乙太網路 PCI-Express 網路介面卡,具備 TOE 及 iSCSI 卸載功能
    Intel PRO/1000 VT 四連接埠伺服器配接卡,Gigabit,銅線,PCIe x4
    Intel Gigabit ET 四連接埠配接卡,Gigabit 乙太網路 NIC,PCIe x4
    Brocade® CNA 雙連接埠配接卡
    Emulex® CNA iSCSI HBA 直立式配接卡 OCE10102-IX-D
    Emulex® CNA iSCSI HBA 直立式配接卡 OCE10102-FX-D
    Brocade® FC4 與 8 GB HBAs
    Brocade® CNA BR1020


  • Matrox G200eW 含 8MB 記憶體


  • 噪音:

    採用一般組態的* 3.5 吋接線機箱,環境溫度為攝氏 23 ± 2 度
    閒置 4 個硬碟:LwA-UL = 5.4 貝耳;LpA = 40 調整分貝 (dBA)
    閒置 8 個硬碟:LwA-UL = 5.6 貝耳;LpA = 42 調整分貝 (dBA)


Right Sized, Flexible Technology and Business Value

Right Sized, Flexible Technology and Business Value

The R510 can serve the needs of small and medium businesses or corporate environments by providing an excellent platform for core business applications such as Microsoft® SQL Server® and Microsoft® Exchange.

A Short and Dense 24 Inch Chassis
The R510 includes a number of features designed to meet the needs of many IT environments:
  • Advanced systems management capabilities
  • Short and dense 24" chassis
  • High availability and redundancy features
  • Cost-effective RAID option
  • Large amounts of internal storage capacity
Add Value To Your Business
Dell™ aims to add value to your business by including the features you need for your unique IT environment. Our goal is to deliver value through tailored solutions based on industry standards, as well as purposeful, innovative design.

Purposeful Design

The PowerEdge™ R510 follows the 11th-generation PowerEdge portfolio behavioral specifications and features the same system design commonality and reliability true to the entire portfolio. All 11th-generation servers are built with user ease in mind.
  • We put all external ports, power supplies and LED lights in the same location for familiar user experience, as well as easy installation and deployment.
  • In addition, the R510 is also available with different chassis options. Customers can choose from four-, eight- or 12-hard drive chassis. These different configurations enable you to choose the design and feature set that is most appropriate for your needs.
  • Robust, metal hard-drive carriers and organized cabling are designed to improve component access and airflow across the server.
  • The four-hard drive chassis is more affordable, featuring LED diagnostic lights, a cabled power supply and cabled hard drives. The larger capacity 12-hard drive chassis offers hot-swappable hard drives and redundant power. The eight-hard drive chassis offers an interactive LCD display that aids in setup, location and diagnosis of the server.
  • The PowerEdge R510's purposeful design also provides quiet acoustics and an interactive LCD screen or LED light display (depending on chassis selected) positioned at the front of the server for ease of monitoring.
  • These different configurations enable you to choose the design and feature set that is most appropriate for your IT environment.

Energy-Optimized Technology

Energy Optimized Technology
Included in the R510 are low-flow fans, designed to spin faster in accordance with server workload demands and help reduce unnecessary noise when possible.
Energy Optimized Technology
The logical layout of internal components aids in airflow direction, helping to keep the server cool.
Energy Optimized Technology
The R510 also can be configured to include features such as power capping, power inventory and power budgeting to aid in the management of power within your environment.

Simplified Systems Management

The Lifecycle Controller is the engine for advanced embedded management that is delivered as part of the optional iDRAC Express or iDRAC Enterprise in the PowerEdge R510. The Lifecycle Controller helps to deliver faster server deployment and update capabilities from a bare-metal pre-operating system (OS) environment.

Unified Server Configurator (USC) Interface
  • The Lifecycle Controller is a chip that is integrated on the server. It helps to simplify administrator tasks by performing a complete set of provisioning functions such as system deployment, system updates, hardware configuration and diagnostics from a single intuitive interface called Unified Server Configurator (USC) in a pre-OS environment. This eliminates the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of disparate CD/DVD media.
Open Manage Portfolio
  • Also part of Dell's systems management portfolio is the Dell Management Console, part of Open Manage™ , which is included with every Dell server and provides IT managers with a single console view of their entire IT infrastructure.
Dell 提供各式各樣的專業服務(英语),幫助您簡化 IT 環境的評估、設計、實作、管理及維護工作,並在您轉換平台時適時提供協助。

Dell ProSupport
Dell ProSupport 提供完善的支援服務(英语),可讓您依據使用技術的方式以及指定的資源配置位置,選擇想要的支援模式。我們推薦您採用 Dell ProSupport Plus(英语) 與 SupportAssist(英语)來因應關鍵任務系統需求,或採用 Dell ProSupport(英语) 來為您的 PowerEdge 解決方案取得頂級軟硬體支援服務。針對超大規模資料中心,我們還提供了適用於資料中心的 ProSupport Flex(英语)。詳細資訊請立即洽詢 Dell 代表。

Dell 企業部署服務
ProDeploy Enterprise Suite* 提供完整的部署服務及專業認證,協助您立即充分利用技術。選擇市面上最完整的 ProDeploy Plus 部署方案,運用 ProDeploy 進行專業組態及安裝,或使用 Basic Deployment 進行硬體安裝,讓您完全安心。

Dell 訓練服務
Dell 教育服務提供 PowerEdge 伺服器訓練課程,課程的設計宗旨是協助您透過硬體投資達到更多目標。此學術課程是由伺服器開發團隊以及 Dell 技術支援團隊共同設計,確保訓練課程能提供您與團隊所需要的資訊及實用的實務技巧,讓您自信地部署、管理與維護您的 Dell 伺服器解決方案。如需了解詳情或是立即註冊課程,請按此處(英语)。


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