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Software NetVault SmartDisk
Software LiteSpeed for SQL Server
Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite
Software vRanger
NetVault SmartDisk
NetVault SmartDisk provides disk-to-disk backup and data deduplication to free up your storage space and significantly reduce your storage costs.

LiteSpeed for SQL Server
Reduce backup size, storage costs and restore times by 85 percent.

Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite
Avoid overpaying for a one-size-fits-all data protection solution with versatile backup and recovery priced by the terabyte.

Perform high-speed backup, replication and recovery of VMware® and physical Windows Server® environments.

Software Total Virtual Data Protection
Software NetVault Backup
DL4000 Backup and Recovery Appliance
Software DL1000 Backup and Recovery Appliance
Total Virtual Data Protection
Protect your entire VMware® and Hyper-V® environments, back up and recover your physical Windows® environment and swiftly recover key Microsoft applications.

NetVault Backup
Safeguard your data and applications in both physical and virtual environments.

Dell DL4000 Backup and Recovery Appliance
Protect data and applications in your growing environment from unexpected disasters.

DL1000 | Small Business Backup | Data Protection Appliance
Purpose-built data protection appliance designed to bring backup, replication, and disaster recovery to smaller environments.

Software DR2000v
Software DR6000
DR4100 Disk Backup Appliance
Dell DR2000v Backup Disk Virtual Appliance
Get the same benefits of a physical DR appliance — including deduplication, compression, replication and advanced data protection — with this pure software solution.

DR6000 Disk Backup Appliance
Reduce backup storage requirements by up to 93 percent with a complete solution that works with your backup application.

Dell DR4100 Disk Backup Appliance
Reduce the amount of data that needs to be stored and significantly improve your organization’s backup and recovery processes.