VxRack System FLEX

Intel® Xeon™
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Optimized for scale and flexibility.

Rack-scale, hyper-converged solutions powered by Dell EMC ScaleIO software defined storage software.

VxRack System with FLEX




  • Compute based on x86 standard architecture


  • DAS storage attached to the x86 servers


  • Cisco Nexus switches

Management Infrastructure

  • ScaleIO, vCenter Server, Vision Intelligent Operations
Hyper-converged, rack-scale software-defined storage (SDS)

Hyper-converged, rack-scale software-defined storage (SDS)

Transform your infrastructure with VxRack FLEX. Ideal for enterprise data centers that want to easily deploy a software-defined architecture that is optimized for a wide range of traditional enterprise workloads, offering:

  • Dell EMC ScaleIO leveraged to virtualize internal, direct-attached storage into a shared network-based storage pool-similar to SAN storage
  • Unparalleled performance based on PowerEdge servers that scales linearly as you expand
  • Integrated network fabric designed to scale
  • Flexible scale on demand with numerous node configurations
Extreme performance and compelling economics

Extreme performance and compelling economics

Every node in the VxRack FLEX cluster is used to process I/O operations, making all I/O and throughput accessible to any application within the cluster. This massive I/O parallelism enables throughput and IOPS to scale in direct proportion to the number of nodes added, helping eliminate bottlenecks and improving cost/performance rates with growth. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with all flash are 2.5x more dense than previous flash options, providing 50 percent more all-flash capacity for the same price or less while using a reduced amount of floor space.

Integrated network fabric

Designed with industry best practices already applied, the VxRack FLEX helps eliminate restrictions and provide scale with superior performance. Best-in-class top of rack and spine switches provide 10GbE or 40GbE IP connectivity with the external network for superior performance. The 10GbE network switches eliminate bottlenecks that limit the scale of other hyper-converged infrastructure solutions and provide a path for future growth.
Integrated network fabric
Customize your configuration

Customize your configuration

Quickly adapt your data center as your business needs change. Storage and compute resources can be increased or decreased whenever the need arises. As the nodes are added, the VxRack FLEX automatically rebalances with zero downtime. This means capacity planning and migrations are practically eliminated.

Choose node options based on either PowerEdge R630 or R730xd servers, and select from three different configurations for each node, depending on workload and application demands:

  • Compute nodes, including flash, supplement workload processing
  • Storage nodes augment storage capacity and performance
  • Hybrid nodes simultaneously add processing and storage capacity and performance